Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas~

Steven cant update his blog bcoz friends like me and his family kept him away from computer while I cant update bcoz I cant online in my house. Only can online in my shop which sometime might wipe away my mood of writing in my blog.

Neways, Merry Belated Christmas to all of u and Happy New Year!

P/S : "Top secret! Steven kept watching 'Moonlight Resonance' A.K.A '家好月圆' till no time for blogging!!!"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tommorow last paper!!!!!!!

Oh yessssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tmr I will taking my last paper for First Year End Final!! Intensive English~ Muahahahahahaha!!!! After tht I gonna back to my hometown KT!!!!!!!! Yes!!! Kuala Terengganu!! A boring little town but yet storing a lot of happy and unforgetable memories of mine and my friends~ No matter how boring it is... Its still my hometown and I love to back there~

Thats all~ Gonna clear up my room and pack for my going home trip~ Hahaha~~~

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Sleepy Day

Today was a sleepy day~ Hahahaha~ Its all bcoz of the campaign held a the Mentari Court's pool side. Dunno wat KTM campaign. Starting with some lousy songs (as always) and its end with something different... muahahahaha~~~ Wanna see the different ending?? Rather than plain ending ceremony? Hahahahaha!!!!! Let see the picture!

Serve them right!!! Strong wind and heavy rain end the campaign! Muahahahahaha!! Evil Kiddo!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another Wine Tasting~

Last Saturday, I went for another wine tasting class conducted by Mr.Patrick. Start about 10am in the morning. I went there bout 9am with Celes to have our breakfast bcoz drinking wine without food will really kill ur stomach. Tasted 6 types of wine. 2 white wine, 3 red wine and one sparkling wine.

White Wine :

Name : La Vina Blanco
Vintage : 2006
Alcohol : 11%
Country : Spain
Grape : Macabeo

Name : Los Arbolitos (White)
Vintage : 2007
Alcohol : 13%
Country : Chile
Grape : Sauvignon Blanc

Red Wine :

Name : Los Arbolitos (Red)
Vintage : 2006
Alcohol : 13%
Country : Chile
Grape : Cabernet Sauvignon

Name : Lesjamelles
Vintage : 2006
Alcohol : 13%
Country : France
Grape : Cabernet Sauvignon

Name : Hermanos Lurton
Vintage : 2006
Alcohol : 12.5%
Country : Spain
Grape : Tempranillo

Sparkling Wine :

Name : Moselland Riesling Spatlese
Vintage : 2006
Alcohol : 8.5%
Country : Germany
Grape : Riesling

Ok~ Pictures time~~~

Six types of Wine~

E jinn, Chung, Celes and Geralyn

Those who went for the wine tasting~

Till nextsssssssssssssss~~~~~~~~~ Chaozzzzzzzzzzzzzz~~~~~~~~~~~

Reply Question:
Arul : The different between mocktail and cocktail is cocktail contain alcohol while mocktail does not contain alcohol. In other words, mocktail is the name of non-alcohol cocktail.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Picture Of The Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let give a big claps to the Kiddo's Life Experiences picture of the Year 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahaha~ Just for laugh and certainly for fun~

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hey hey you you~~~

Helllooooooooooooooooooooo Everybody!!!!!!!!!!! C.Kiddo is now back on TrAcK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I mention in my previous post, I am the bartender for today serving class~ So I had to come out with my very own mocktail~

Name : Never More
Mixtures : Orange, honeydew and sprites

Instruction : Prepare a high ball. Pour about one and half teaspoon of concentrated orange. Then pour the sprites till half of the high ball. Den pour in one tea spoon of concentrated honeydew. Den add some ice. Lastly top up with sprites again. Never More are now ready to serve~

Why I name my mocktail as Never More? Humm... I was thinking of the mocktail name yesterday night.. Den I chat with one of my friend in msn. Coincidentally, I saw her display picture with the word 'Never More'. So I decided to put the name as 'Never More'. It quite suit with my mocktail as the mixture in the mocktail are only 3. Mocktail with two mixtures will jz too simple while mocktail with more than 4 mixtures will be little complicated. So I think 3 is jz simple and nice. I mean for my level.
We serving 51 pax today, and 40 of the guests ordered my mocktail!! Hahaha~ Felt quite good with that... Thank to those who ordered my mocktail. Thank for ya support~ Prove that standing for 1 hour and more infront of Jusco beverages rack quite useful~

After that serving class, I stay for another serving for charity. Again I handle the beverages again... addicted I think~ Kids... nothing much to say... U guy noe how kids act rite >.< ady.. Jz enjoy some photos~

Puff pastry piramid! For the orphanages~

White Wines and Red Wines

White and Red Alcohol~

Sky~ Beautiful sky~ Bring me more peace~

Wat u saw from the cloud?

This is wat I saw~ An elephant spreading water pout from it's trunk~

How bout this???

A sleeping old man~

Thts all for today~ Chaoz~

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Wow wow wow... Sorry for being MIA... Hehehe~ Cant online since last week or last 2 weeks.. anyways.. gonna post a new post soon... after tmr.. got to prepare myself for tmr serving... I will be bartender for tmr~ Hehehe~ My last class, my first bartender~

Oh ya... tmr I will also serving a group of orphanage in the restaurant for a christmas charity by our student council... Will update more bout it tmr... c ya~