Friday, October 31, 2008

Drama Drama Drama!!!

Remember I wrote in my previous post saying tht I gonna share the script of my drama team which we won the Merit Award? I am really sorry for such a long delay. Finally I got the script in my laptop today.

Title of our drama is "The Innocence of A Pure Heart"


Tom Kurus had a long-time crush, Katie and he decided to confess to her. Unfortunately, he was rejected as Katie had a crush on a popular guy, David who happened to be a gay. When Tom was about to lose his life, David had made him realized that guys can still live without girls. Due to these consoling words, Tom realized that he had fallen for David- he had become a gay too! He thought to himself that he had found his true love and as he shared with his best friend, Victoria, she told him something that he had never thought of- the risk of HIV/Aids especially on gays. However, he still insisted on continuing his relationship with David.

After 3 months of relationship, Tom somehow had the symptoms of HIV/AIDS. When it was confirmed by the blood test, David left him for not believing in what he had heard. As Tom told his parents, instead of hoping for forgiveness and family support, he was chased out of the house by his father, saying that Tom was a disgrace to their family.

When Tom’s father knelt in front of his grandparents’ portrait, the soul of Tom’s grandparents came to talk and advised him. He then realized that he should not have chased his son out as what his son needed most for the time being was family support. He went out and looked for Tom, but as he called for his son, Tom was knocked down by a car.

Tom managed to make a simple confession and as his father had forgiven him, Tom gave his last breath and finally he rested in peace.

Scene 1: At the Living Room

Mother: Why you want to chase him out?

Father: He has HIV! It’s sudden news for me!

Mother: But he’s our only son! What can we do? We have to accept it, my dear.

Father: I don’t know. He’s a disgrace to out family! I just couldn’t accept it.

3 months ago…

Scene 2: At the bus stand

[Katie threw her pen as she saw David walked by]

Katie: Huh? You ah? Haih… Thank you.

Tom: Katie, actually I have something to tell you. But I don’t know how to say.

Katie: What? Just say la. [Tom knelt in front of Katie]

Katie: What are you doing? Stand up la.

Tom: Katie, I… [Katie’s phone rang]

Katie: Sorry, what did you say?

Tom: I… [Katie’s bus arrived. As she was about to leave, Tom stopped her]

Tom: Katie, actually… I love you. [Katie pulled herself out from Tom’s grip]

Katie: What? No way!

Tom: But I –

Katie: Shh! Don’t say a word! I don’t like you, okay? [Katie then walked away]

Tom: Kate!

Scene 3: Tom’s Room

[Tom sat at his table and ate the chocolate. He saw his blade on the table and wanted to commit suicide when Alex called.]

Alex: Eh, hello bro! Come, let’s go mamak. I intro one of my friends to you.

Tom: Huh? Want meh? Erm… No la… No need la…

Alex: What? Just come la. Okay la. I will come and fetch you at 10 pm later. Bye.

Tom: Wait, wait! [Alex hung up the phone.]

Scene 4: Mamak Stall

Alex: Hey brother! Sorry, sorry. Have to wait for my friend just now. Come, I intro my best friend to you. Tom, this is David and David this is Tom.

David: Hello, Tom.

Tom: Hi, David.

[Tom sighed and both Alex and David noticed it.]

Alex: Hey bro! What’s wrong with you? Keep sighing here and there? Got problems ah? Come la. Share share. David can keep secret one. Don’t worry.

David: Yeala. About girls is it? Come la. Just share la. I promised won’t tell anyone about it la.

Tom: Aiyo… Don’t know how to start also la. Erm…I kena rejected by a girl la. Sad la.

Alex: Huh? Eh, David. Give some advice la. Counsel him. I got no experience on such cases.

David: Brother, don’t be sad about that. Come on. It’s very hard for us to understand girls thinking. And their thinking is much more complicated compared to us. Don’t you think so?

Tom: Yea! I agree with that. Sometimes I really don’t know what Katie’s thinking. I’d tried my best to do everything for her. But still kena rejected. How? I need help.

David: Chill la brother. Girls don’t mean anything in our world. See? Your best friends are here to comfort you. But, that… What? Erm...Katie? She doesn’t even care about you also. Sometimes guys are more caring than girls.

Tom: Haih. Right also la. I think I better give up already. I’m tired with everything already. Friends are more important for me now. Thanks, David.

David: You’re welcome, Tom.

Alex: Woah! It’s 12 am already ah. Come on, let’s chao!

Scene 5: Phone Conversation Between Tom and Victoria

Victoria: Hello, Tom. Eh, ask you something ah. Do we have to memorise the 6 values for moral assessment tomorrow?

Tom: Of course la. Mr. Adrian said it’s important ma.

Victoria: Oh, okay, okay. Thank you. Bye.

Tom: Eh! Wait, wait.

Victoria: Huh? What?

Tom: Erm… Since you’re my best friend right, I want to tell you something la.

Victoria: What? What is it about?

Tom: Erm…I o…I o… [Computer song was played.] Aiya, shut up la. Okay, okay. Serious, serious. Victoria, are you still there?

Victoria: Duh! I’m waiting for you to continue la. Faster la! Phone bill is expensive la!

Tom: Okay, okay. Erm… I think o… I found my true love.

Victoria: Huh? You serious ah? Who? Who? Faster tell me?

Tom: Erm… Honestly. I think… I become gay already.

Victoria: OH MY –

Tom: Shhh! Chill la.

Victoria: Okay, okay. But how come?

Tom: Erm… I also don’t know leh. Just yesterday o, I planned to confess to Katie ma, but I failed.

Victoria: Then? Then? Cepat la sikit.

Tom: Okay,okay. Then o, I went out with Alex and his friend, David. And I shared my problems with them. Then this David o, he very good leh. He consoled me for the whole night. And I think what he said was right lo. Girls didn’t mean anything… and I think I had fall for him la.

Victoria: Huh? You become gay ah? Oh my god. Erm… I think I got something to remind you la. Last time my friend’s brother was a gay also. And he got HIV leh! Hmm… Eh? U now gay also, will get HIV or not?

Tom: Huh? Really meh? Got so easy to get HIV one meh? You serious ma?

Victoria: I don’t know leh. You better go check and see. Okay la. Mum’s calling. Have to off already. Bye.

Tom: Oh. Okay, okay. Bye.

[However, Tom still ignored Victoria’s advice and continued his relationship with David.]

3 months later…

[Tom and David were dating and through out the 2 month after they became couple. Tom always felt dizzy, uncomfortable and easily fell sick.]

David: Wo, what’s wrong with you? Are you alright?

Tom: don’t know la…

David: Aiya. Nowadays you like faint so much and so easy get sick one? Got go see doctor or not?

Tom: HUH? Go see doctor? No need la.

David: Come la. I accompany you go la. No need worry one…

Tom: ok la. Go la. Go la.

Scene 6: In the Clinic

Tom: I would like to see doctor.

Nurse: Ok. Please fill up this form and have a sit.

[Tom filled up the form and took a sit with David.]

[David held Tom’s hand while waiting.]

Nurse: Tom Kurus.

[David wanted to go in together with Tom, but Tom stopped him and asked him to wait outside.]

Doctor: Good afternoon Tom, how’re you feeling today?

Tom: Well, I’m not really sure, but when I was walking, I almost fainted.

[Looking pale. The doctor writes something on the paper.]

Doctor: Hm, let me have a check.

[The doctor checks his throat and eyes.]

Doctor: I suggest you do a blood test just to make sure that you are okay.

Tom: Okay.

[And tom waited as the doctor called the nurse to get the needle.]

One hour later…

[After the blood was taken the results finally came out and it turns out that tom is HIV+]

Nurse: Tom Kurus. Come collect your blood test result.

[Tom went and collected together with David. The result turned out to be positive.]

[David was shocked to see the result as well.]

Doctor: This is your blood test result. It shows that you are HIV+.

Tom: Huh? What?

[David move a few step behind. He did not believe on what happen. He knows that if Tom had HIV, he will have HIV as well. ]

Doctor: Basically, HIV is a virus that attacks the body’s Natural Defence System. HIV invades and destroys certain white blood cells needed to defend the body against diseases.

Tom: Do you mean that I have AIDS?

Doctor: No, having HIV doesn’t mean you have AIDS. AIDS is only the last stage of this infection.

Tom: Is there any way to prevent this from spreading?

Doctor: Actually, you should not share personal items such as toothbrushes and razors to prevent spreading HIV. Practising safe sex by using condom during intercourse is also an important point to prevent spreading HIV.

Tom: Oh… Okay… Thanks doctor.

[David walked out from the clinic with Tom.]

David: That’s IMPOSSIBLE. How could this happen?

[David run out of the clinic because he can’t accept the fact, leaving Tom alone behind…]

Tom: Wait David… Wait…

[Tom cried out and went home after dinner time.]

Scene 7: At Tom’s House

Dad: Why come back so late?

Tom: Erm… Nothing… Just… Just hang out with some friends.

[Tom looked here and there. He did not look directly on his father.]

Mom: Aiya. Don’t scold him already la. Every time scold scold scold…

Tom: Hi mum… mum… dad… I need to tell you all this… Actually… I went to clinic just now… and I…

Mum and Dad: CLINIC??

[Mum started to ask Tom whether he felt sick or what and kept asking tons of questions. And she checking Tom’s body looking for any wound or cut. ]

Mom: You not feeling well izit? Get hurt? Where? Where? Come let mummy see.

Tom: No mum… Listen…

[Mum keep asking]

Tom: Listen.

[Mum still asking.]


[Mum and dad got shock and looked at Tom.]

Tom: I got… [Hold on for 2 seconds.] Er. HIV…

Mom: what you said? Again!

Tom: I … I got… HIV

Dad: What? HIV? How could this happen?!

Tom: Dad, I…

Dad: SHUT UP! I don’t want any explanation from you!

Tom: Listen to me dad…

Dad: NO! I want you get out from this house now! I don’t want to see you anymore!

[Father’s back was facing Tom.]

[Tom looked at his father back with full of emotion]

Mom: Tom… [Holding Tom’s hand]

[Tom pushed away his mom’s grip and ran out of this house.]

Mom: Why you wanna chase him out?

Dad: He has HIV! It’s sudden news for me!!

Mom: But he’s our only son! What can we do? We’ve to accept the fact my dear.

Dad: I don’t know. He’s a disgrace to our family! I just couldn’t accept it…

[Mum cried alone at the living room]

Scene 8: In front Of the Portrait of Tom’s Grandparents

Dad: [Kneel down] Ah Pa, Ah Ma… I am useless… I failed to be a good father… I am a disgrace of our family! I… [Started to cry]

[The light turned off and a light shone on the portrait and grandpa, grandma woke up from the portrait and started to talk to father]

Grandpa: Hello son…

[Dad was shocked and looked around finding for the source of the sound.]

Dad: Who’s that?! This is not FUNNY!

Grandpa: Ya, ya… It is not funny… I just said hello to you…

Dad: Ah Pa… Is that you?

Grandpa: Yes son… Your mom also here [Grandma waved to dad.]

Dad: Ah Pa… I am…

Grandpa: Yaya… I know you are useless…

Grandma: How could you say that to our son?!

[Grandma pushed grandpa for saying that and grandpa fell off from the portrait…]

Grandma: Aiyo. Come back… Come back…

Grandpa: Okay… I am serious now… Son, even last time you always make me angry and upset, I never blame you. Because… You are my son. Remember last time when you still a child, you accidentally cause your little brother drown in the river when you two were swimming?

[Dad replied yes when grandpa said “son”]

Grandma: Yes son, although we feel sad but we never put the blame on you. And we accept the fact.

Dad: Ah Pa, Ah Ma… I know what I should do now… Thank you!

Scene 9: Roadside

[Tom is walking alone at the road side. He walks like a living death. He has no destination and he feel so helpless.]

Dad: Tom!!! Tom!!!

[Tom shocked when he heard his father calling him. He turned around and saw his father running towards him. He scared that his father was going to scold him again. Then, he tried to run away from his father. While he was crossing the road without his awareness, a car was heading towards him with full speed and knocked him down.]

*Crash sound*

Dad: TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Dad ran as fast as he could towards Tom.]

Dad: Ambulance! Ambulance! Someone… Please call the ambulance!

Tom: Dad… Dad… No point calling ambulance… I am useless… I don’t deserve to live in the world.

Dad: No son… No… You are not useless! You are the greatest thing that ever appeared in my life!

Tom: But dad… I disappoint you… I failed to be a good son…

Dad: Son… It’s not your mistake. I am the one to be blamed! I should put more attention on you.

Tom: Dad, would you forgive me?

Dad: Yes! YES! Promise me, you must hold on… The ambulance is going to be here soon.

Tom: *smile* thank you.

Dad: TOM! TOM! Don’t sleep, TOM! Nooooooooooooooooooo!!

The moral values from this theatre are:

· Do not discriminate HIV/AIDS.

· Do not misunderstand HIV/AIDS.

· Know more about HIV/AIDS before you pass on the information.

· Family support.

© Copyright Reserved To Tor Chin Chung and his drama team

Enjoy the reading~~~ Hehehe~~~