Saturday, July 9, 2011

Very late post! lol..

I promised to post up more update on my trip after the Ipoh trip but I am too busy travelling here and there! Nvm, I will post two trip in this post which is the Asian Water Sport Villa trip and also Redang trip~

~Asian Water Sport Villa~

Let's start up with the Asian Water Sport Villa trip~ So about 13 of us gather up and head to the villa but we got kinda lost at the first place but luckily we got there on time! After registered for our reservation and ssome briefing before we start our day, we got gear up with our life jackets. And what else after that? The BANANA BOAT! And later at night we have BBQ! Enough of tpying, Let the photos talk!

The Ladies with their cutest/naughtiest post~

The ladies again~

Now the gentlemen!!

Ready for a ride? hehe~

3 lovely people here~

Let's barbeque!

Get the thing done for the guy to do the barbeque~

Finale: She is happy~

Next stop: Redang Reef Resort!

After like God knows how long we planned this trip, we finally make it to the lovely Redang Island located in Terengganu which is my hometown. So I back to Terengganu earlier than the rest of the travelmates so that I have time for my families and get thing ready for them before they arrive. So on that day, we head off to the jetty really early in the morning. Pretty rush cause I braught them for breakfast and stuff. Anyways, we reach the resort at 11pm and given some briefing on the schedule and some do & don't. Hmm.. how long this will be? Enough of the words, let have a look at the photos!

The 5 batangs!

The 3 monkeys~

Rock climbing? or walking?

The cheerleading jump~

Another one~

The infamous Mario Jump~

I got no idea what they trying to do...

He got turn on~

We love the wave!

That's all from both of the trip~ Will post up another trip to the other side of Malaysia. Next stop: Kuching, Sarawak!