Monday, July 28, 2008

Kitchen Practical

Well... I attended my kitchen practical last week... And Its was not really a good day to be in the kitchen. Its seem like something wrong and I did a few mistake during the kitchen practical class. Anyways, besides I burnt my potato wedges and my hard boiled eggs does not fully cook, I dun think there was anything else worst than it. Actually I not plan to post about this but I hv to find something to keep my blog alive. Hehehe~~~
Menu of the day was

Starter : Prawn Cocktail
Main Course : Chicken with gravy
Dessert : Pies / Tarts with raspberry topping

Prawn Cocktail common known as prawn salad. Served with slides of orange and hard boiled egg.

Chicken with gravy. Roasted chicken with chicken stock sauce. Served with potato wedges and carrots. [P/S: Sorry, was half way eating only realize to took the photo...hehe]

Apple Pie and Apple Tart beside the pie.

That's all for my practical class in the kitchen. Tmr will be my practical class in restaurant. Hope I wont do any mistake. Coz mark will be given on my tmr presentation. Hehehehe....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

SteamBoat Buffet

6 hours ago, I went for my dinner at Yuen SteamBoat Buffet to hv my meal. Not alone of course... I went there with my housemates, Andrina and Ewen. And also her friends from group 5 & 6. So 9 of us went there. The table was so small till we are squeezing and hv our meal. Well... Rm20.80 per person ain't cheap, so we start to grap watever we can eat so tht tht price we paid are worth enough. Yuen famous dish, roasted Chicken Wings. As I mention famous means everyone gonna hv it. But the thing is, the chicken wings wont be serve to ur table, u hv to go to the small rectangle table beside the restaurant and grap it. Grap it...humm... F.Y.I there are almost 20 tables there and each table got minimun of 6-10 person. 1-3 person from each table will stand there and wait for the wings and everyone will start pushing and squeezing to get the chicken wings. ITs not tht easy. So Grap it simply means Snatch it. okay, Let the pictures tell u guy how much we hv eaten.

Guess how many ice-cream we ate???

Well, This jz the 40% of wat we ate~~~

Wat a funny eating style tht girl hv... Hahaha~~~

Sunday, July 13, 2008

~!~ Redang trip ~!~

Well, as wat I told u all last few post, I went to Redang again during my holiday in my hometown, Kuala Terengganu. Redang Reef Resort will again be our destination. No much word I can use in this post... Jz let the photot tell the story. Enjoy~~~

At the Jetty~~

In the SpeedBoat!!!

The photographer of the day~~~

The Snorkel divers~~~

The Twins, Serene, Kahwai, E-Jinn and Josh

My feet!!!

The two sleeping beauties~~~

Sand Mermaid

The whole group~~~

Little Turtle~~~ Cute rite?

The Girlssss with cans of Heineken.

Heineken and some Bacardi~~~

Group Photo bfor leaving Island~~~

Thts all...Well, there are more photos but I jz cant upload all here... Hope u enjoy the photos ya~~~ C ya all again~~~

Friday, July 11, 2008

Creating new blog?

Creating new blog? Humm...Why I need another blog since I already had one? Well, the reason I wanted to create a new blog is I wanted to dumb some useless rubbish in my life inside. As some of u should noe, in this blog...u hardly see I wrote some bad comment on people... Ok, there are bad comment bout things and people in this blog but all of it are in very nice way and I always try to minimize the negative words in my blog. When u see all the positive side of my life, u never see the other side...which I always choose to keep in secret to myself. But without throw some of the negative things out of my life, I am jz like putting more pressure on myself. So I decided to create a sub-blog to throw all the rubbish in tht blog. And I created it As the link already wrote tht Secret which means only me and the person I invite can view the blog. Most properly, I prefer to keep it only for myself as there are all negative part and some secret I had with me. I announce tht ChungKiddo had officially created a second blog!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back in KL :(

Its already 4 days since I back in KL. Quite busy preparing myself bfor I begin my second Term. And I watch two movies on Saturday and Sunday. Okay...I not here to talk bout the movie. During my holiday in Terengganu, I got a few stupid pictures of me and my friends... From Danica. Its really remind me of a lots of things happen during secondary school. Let see the pictures~~~

Me~~~With Sean Helmet...

Me~~~With Sean Helmet...

Birdman Ong~~~

Omg~~ Its looks very gay!!! I means VERY Gay!!!

Okay~~~ Next... last Sunday I went to Giant to buy some stuff for my house with my housemate. And we shock when We look at the total price!!!

Its RM123.45


Total price is RM123.45!!! Wat a coincidence~~~ I means we hardly get such a well sequence price...Really a lucky I had... Next I think I gonna post bout the Redang trip I went with my college friends...not in this post but in the next post... So c ya all next time~~~ Chaoz~~~

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Redang Again~~~

Tomorrow I will off to Redang Island again. Remember I post bout my Redang trip with my friends during March?? I going to the same resort again with another group of friends from the same college with me one... Well its all 10 of them, 9 girls and 1 boy. Not included Andrina, Heng and Me.
Will tell u all more when I back from Redang...