Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back in KL :(

Its already 4 days since I back in KL. Quite busy preparing myself bfor I begin my second Term. And I watch two movies on Saturday and Sunday. Okay...I not here to talk bout the movie. During my holiday in Terengganu, I got a few stupid pictures of me and my friends... From Danica. Its really remind me of a lots of things happen during secondary school. Let see the pictures~~~

Me~~~With Sean Helmet...

Me~~~With Sean Helmet...

Birdman Ong~~~

Omg~~ Its looks very gay!!! I means VERY Gay!!!

Okay~~~ Next... last Sunday I went to Giant to buy some stuff for my house with my housemate. And we shock when We look at the total price!!!

Its RM123.45


Total price is RM123.45!!! Wat a coincidence~~~ I means we hardly get such a well sequence price...Really a lucky I had... Next I think I gonna post bout the Redang trip I went with my college friends...not in this post but in the next post... So c ya all next time~~~ Chaoz~~~

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