Saturday, July 19, 2008

SteamBoat Buffet

6 hours ago, I went for my dinner at Yuen SteamBoat Buffet to hv my meal. Not alone of course... I went there with my housemates, Andrina and Ewen. And also her friends from group 5 & 6. So 9 of us went there. The table was so small till we are squeezing and hv our meal. Well... Rm20.80 per person ain't cheap, so we start to grap watever we can eat so tht tht price we paid are worth enough. Yuen famous dish, roasted Chicken Wings. As I mention famous means everyone gonna hv it. But the thing is, the chicken wings wont be serve to ur table, u hv to go to the small rectangle table beside the restaurant and grap it. Grap it...humm... F.Y.I there are almost 20 tables there and each table got minimun of 6-10 person. 1-3 person from each table will stand there and wait for the wings and everyone will start pushing and squeezing to get the chicken wings. ITs not tht easy. So Grap it simply means Snatch it. okay, Let the pictures tell u guy how much we hv eaten.

Guess how many ice-cream we ate???

Well, This jz the 40% of wat we ate~~~

Wat a funny eating style tht girl hv... Hahaha~~~

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