Saturday, June 20, 2009

Term 4 End

Hey everyone~ I am back~ Finished my final last Thursday but I did not have a chance to post in my blog... Perhaps I am lazy to blog after final... Hehe~
Last Thursday after I finished my final test, I went for an outing with those girls from group5 and only me and charlie are the extra guys. We went for a movie... have our dinner at T.G.I Friday and at night I went for clubbing for the first time in my life~ With Charlie, Mervyn and Wan Qi... Sam join us later on~ I hv quite a good experience in M.O.S with all the music and babes and dudes and Alcohol! Well, I ain't a clubbing kaki... I went there jz to experience something new since I always listen to my friends talking about how fun they are in the club...

Term 4 end so fast~ I can still rmb the day when I step down from the plane~ haiz~ anyways~ c ya in the next post which i believe gonna be very interesting~ haha~

Friday, June 12, 2009


10 more hours then I will start my term 4 exam... Starting with Business English follow up with French... I still fine with English but French.. still a new thing for me to learn... I means memorize.. I shall sleep now and wake up later at 3.30am to continue my studies.. I prefer study early in the morning rather than hot sun burning afternoon... Okay.. shall be here again at 3.30am...

Bonne Nuit everyone~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ending of Term 4

Finally~ tmr going to be the last day for week 10 and this Saturday gonna be my term end final exam. Everything went on so fast... I feel like yesterday I still in Langkawi having my training practical and today I in college having my final. Let gone tru what had I done during the whole term 4.

The 5 BatangS Swimming Day

Celebrate Yen Wei's Birthday in the Kitchen!!!

Steamboat at Genting!

Celebrated My Birthday (Yenwei's house)

Celebrated My Birthday!!! (At PizzaHut)

Paintball with 5 BatangS

Went to Dessert Bar with whole Group 4!!!

Organize a Forum!

Organize a Welcome Dinner for DH33!

Made a video for Malaysian Studies assignment!

Finish the whole Twilight Saga!

Learn how to do Fruit Carving~

Celebrate Miss Jasmine's Birthday during Grp5 Serving~

Celebrated Ewen's Birthday~

FISHING !!! MY LATEST sport!!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST !!! ACT COOL!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


1 year ago, we as the Terengganu-ains were so proud of the new stadium that had been built. All the latest facilities that had been built in Terengganu for the SUKMA 08. We were so proud of it. Let have a look at the looks of the Stadium one year ago.

Magnificent outlook

Beautiful internal design

After 1 year, ......................................................

Hmmm~ Speechless......

So many fingers rise up and searching for the one to blame. But who to blame? Those who rise up their fingers or those who been pointed? After what had happened in Perak, now Terengganu turns... Whats next? Who know? God know, Goverment know, those People know but we never know.

I am proud to be Malaysian but what am I so proud of? Speaking more than 3 languages and almost forgot my own language?

Imagine one day as I walk down to the street and people ask me

People A : Hey man, where u come from?
Me : Terengganu.
People A : Har? Terengganu? Where it is?
Me : U know Pulau Redang?
People A : No...
Me : How about Pulau Perhentian or Pulau Kapas?
People A : Not at all...
Me : Then I guess u might know about the biggest written stone (Batu Bersurat) put in the middle of the round about.
People A : What is that?
Me : Ok... fine... The state where a stadium built for only one year and then collapsed.
People A : OHhhh!!!! I know where it is!!!

Haiz~ Malaysia Memang Boleh...