Saturday, June 20, 2009

Term 4 End

Hey everyone~ I am back~ Finished my final last Thursday but I did not have a chance to post in my blog... Perhaps I am lazy to blog after final... Hehe~
Last Thursday after I finished my final test, I went for an outing with those girls from group5 and only me and charlie are the extra guys. We went for a movie... have our dinner at T.G.I Friday and at night I went for clubbing for the first time in my life~ With Charlie, Mervyn and Wan Qi... Sam join us later on~ I hv quite a good experience in M.O.S with all the music and babes and dudes and Alcohol! Well, I ain't a clubbing kaki... I went there jz to experience something new since I always listen to my friends talking about how fun they are in the club...

Term 4 end so fast~ I can still rmb the day when I step down from the plane~ haiz~ anyways~ c ya in the next post which i believe gonna be very interesting~ haha~

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