Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finally~ an update~

I finished my training around one week ago... so now enjoy my boring holiday in Puchong~ The reason why I still in PJ and not going back to my hometown was simply because my whole family in Italy right now having their vacation~ Why I am not going? Don't ask~ haha~
Anyways, we for few drinking session... 2 to be actual~ one was right after training and the other one was when Geralyn back from Langkawi~

And let's have a look on the cardboard~ The collection of me and Charlie~

As you see, the middle beautiful bottle was J.W Swing, and the one on the right side of J.W Swing is J.W Gold Label 18 years, and the rest 3 bottles are J.W Gold Label Reserve~ so far this is our collections and I believe more to come after this~ haha~

I think tht's all for today~ Lazy to update la~ haha~ looking at my blog achieve... the blog post getting lesser and lesser every year~ I will try to update more~ byebye~