Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oh... I am back?

Been unable to online for the past whole week~ why? forgot to pay my bill~ that's why~ haha~

Alright, I finished my exam for Term 4 last Friday... Went out with my friends after that, I did pretty much fun things with my friends this holidays~

On Monday, I went fishing with Joshua, Nicholas, Alex and two of Joshua's friends, Jack and Kit... It was kinda dried fishing trip with only 1 patin and 2 roohoos (with 5 person fishing and 6 fishing hours, 3 fishes are damn little...) The biggest disappointment was when Joshua's friend, Kit lost a big patin, around 4-5kg which only inches away from us...6 men stunned for 1 minute and I sat on the ground looking at the big fish that swim away... I still feel Emo whenever I think of it... Anyways, the bright side, at least I got 2 roohoos and Joshua got one patin~

(Oppsss... was playing Sudoku just now... totally forgotten bout I'm blogging... haha~ ok back to my blog~)

Then the next day, Tuesday, I went to Genting Highland with Yenwei, Celes, Yew, Henry, Kahwai, Sam, Geralyn, Celine~ We meet Celine's brother and his friend there~ And we have steamboat for dinner in the hotel room~ haha! Then Celine's brother, Arthur introduced us this game called The Wolves~ Pretty fun game~ And I believed everyone enjoy the game especially the wolves girlssss~ Hahahahah~

Then Wednesday, Nothing much as we came back from Genting highland and have a good rest~
Well then Thursday, same group of people went down to Melacca to visit the town full of good foodsssss~ Two cars one destination~ haha~ Meet up with Charlie and Lisa there~ Then we went for photo shooting with all those pros camerasssssss (I think I gonna get one soon...) We eat a lot for the whole day, Pork Satayssss, Cendol, Rojak, Some desserts at Arena and Also SATAY CELUP! We head back around 10.30pm~

Well thats all for my first week of holiday~ Will update more often if I got time~