Monday, January 2, 2017

5 years later~

A random visit back to this blog and realized it had been 5 years since the last post.

So why not an update to what happened for the last 5 years?

Let's see what I had achieve and done.

- Started my first job at the last quarter of 2012.
- Marks the beginning of my wine journey. (Yes, I'm a wine sommelier now)
- Life is pretty much about my job and career.
- 2014, took my WSET Level 2 certification and passed which later on continue to sign up for Level 3 course.
-2015, a year where pretty much change my life. Passed my WSET Level 3 and obtain my pin and certification.
- Resigned from my first job in mid 2015, and joined my first sommelier competition organized by Sommelier Association Malaysia, Then traveled all the way up north to Penang, a state where it famous for street foods and heritage building for my 2nd job.
- October 2016, decided its time to resign and move on. Joined sommelier competition again.
- December 2016, opened a modern Japanese restaurant with bunch of friends.

That's pretty much the summary of this 5 years.

Will I be writing again after this? Maybe.. who knows.. Till next we see~