Saturday, May 30, 2009

Who am I ???

Who am I? I have been asking myself lately... who am I? I am no longer who am I... I think too much things had changed which makes me unable to be myself... I dunno till when I can stand in this situation? Everyone had changed... changed to someone who I no longer know or recognize. Who are u? or u? I am so blind for not seeing the thruth in everyone of u... I seriously dunno who r u all... Maybe I should just leave watever behind and walk away without taking any corcern of anything else. And nobody will notice if I am there or not...

Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I been so emo nowdays... WHATEVER!!! FUCK!!! I just wan to be me... Nobody will ever know who am I beside myself... What u see me now is just physical me... FUCK the emo up!!! HATE to be a an emo fucking freak!

Whatever it is... I jz wan to sleep now...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Finally... Feel like singing 'Finally' by Fergie... 'Finally...My life doesn't seem so bad....'

Malaysian study things is finally settle down... Our PA forum seem to going quite smooth and this Friday will marks the end of it... Hopefully no sudden accident happen...

And I finish reading the 2nd and 3rd book of Twilight~ Jz started to read Breaking Dawn~ Reading really help me alot to relax...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Can't Sleep~

Its been few nights... I was not able to sleep even my eyes was hanging half way... even I rolled for hours on my bed... I been thinking too much... too much... There are a lot of things in my mind... something that I would rather keep it to myself... something that I wouldn't share as it's not mean to be shared. I am suffering... from the sleepless night, migraines... to all those unnecessary thought. I am stress... I'm EMO... but in front of everyone, I am just a guy who always put a smile on his face eventhough its look real fake... But who cares... I, even myself won't give a damn of it...

Let me emo~

Cut it off!!!!

Holy crap!

Buy a waterproof pillow~

U hv a great imagination~

Thank you~

Hope u like it~



Only if you know who you are and how often I think of you

P/S : Maybe I should ask Andrina to knock my head with the baseball bat till I faint so that I can sleep~

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Glory Glory Manchester United!!!

After the drew against Arsenal hours ago, Manachester United is now officially the Champion of the Premier League!!! Congrats congrat!!! Its could be better for Manchester if they win the Champion League too next week! The Final against Barcelona FC would be the match that everyone is waiting for now! So see u in the final~

Hahaha~ While celebrating Manchester victory I found one video from yahoo video. It's about two little squirels. They are so cute!!! Haha~ Here the link ~ Go and have a look~

Friday, May 8, 2009

Stupid Email

Whatever u gonna read after this sentence will be not suitable for underage children cause of the use vulgar language and full of negative thought. So do not hesitate to skip this post as this post is written by the writer under a very bad mood.

I believe most of us whoever have email will receive a lot of forwarded email from friends or unknown sometimes. If an email is forwarded in the way to share jokes or some funny pictures that's fine... but some immature, stupid, fuck ass, brainless, idiot just so damn LOVE to forward emailsssssssssssss that curse others mother, father, grandparent, whole family, lover and everything that they THINK will make u forwarded tht email as well...Come on man... how old r u to believe such a ridiculous forwarded email?

To all those asshole, plz go to the hospital and ask for a brain surgeon to remove ur brain from ur head and stuck it inside ur fucking butt since u guys are so damn fucking LIKE to think using ur butt full of SHIT!!

I writing this because I just receive one email that cursing ppl who delete the email will hv his/her whole family killed in 7 days, if forward, his/her lover will fall to him/her and if not forwarded his/her mother will die in an car accident in 50 days. To u who forwarded the email to me who I dunno whether u read this or not, u are damn fucking immature, brainless bastard who jz got ur brain stuck inside u fucking ass! Sorry to u because u are so just unlucky to forwarded the wrong email at the wrong time to me. FUCK YOU!!!

P/S: I hate to been so stress!!! I am fucking stress now!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Its 2.30am in the morning now... and i got class later at 9am... went to sunway jz now at 11.30pm... to celebrate my friend's birthday

We bought her a Baskin Robin ice-cream cake. Chocolate favour... her favourite favour (As well as mine too) After 20 minute of chit-chating she and yenwei back to their home.. while the rest of us went for a pool game at one of the place name The Pool Room right beside Bar Celona... No no... I ain't a clubbing kaki~ In fact I nvr been there bfor... Well... I do wish to go there at least once so tht I can know wat actually the club really looks like... In the Pool Room... I get myself a bottle of Carlsberg.. not my favourite beer but they sell only Calrsberg... I wondering why they dun hv Heinekein? Anyways.. I writing this entry jz bcoz I wan to wait my hair to dry up bfor I sleep...not good sleeping with wet hair (but I did tht sometimes).

Ok... that all i think... see u all in my next post~ Bonne Nuit / Good Night~

Friday, May 1, 2009

1st of May

Today is Labour's day... Should be a very meaningful date but... aish~ jz forget bout it...

Two days ago was my birthday... getting older again... around 11pm.. YenWei called and said advance happy birthday to me as she too tired to wait till 12am... Then around 11.30pm, Celes called and said with nervous tone telling me tht her house lamp went off and she so scare~ Without thinking too much I off to her house which is 1 house after mine. I went to her house and she told me her room light cant light up... so I walk to her room and open the door... Wat I saw next was bunch of people standing inside the dark room with a birthday cake hold by Geralyn... Seriously, I was surprise with it... Very surprise.. We ate the cake after photography section.. They bought me a tie and Sam brought me a bottle of red wine. The tie is really beautiful and the wine is good. I finish the wine with Celes and Sam till 3am in the morning. Thank You to everyone who was there tht nite... especially Yen Wei who plan all the things.. love u so much~ haha~

Wake up at 12.15pm... Gv a call to the hotels and send an email to my lecturer. Then I went to Sunway Piramid to celebrate with my housemate and few friends. Hv our lunch at Pizza Hut and then watch the worst movie ever in my life. Thts end my birthday celebration... nothing much special..

Talking bout birthday.. My housemate jz told me a crazy thing bout this girl who gonna celebrate her birthday soon... This girl asking her friends to come over for her party at one of the club in town and she said it on self-paying basic. well, thts fine but she eventually told her friends that if any of them dun come plz do buy her some presents. =.=!!! And to my surprise she even have a list of wats she wants for her birthday present... That's seriously ridiculous... I cant really imagine TBS got this kind of people.. So far I nvr heard anything like this in TCHT... LUCKY~

Kay lar... I should continue reading my New Moon... I am seriously a slow reader... And I will upload the pictures later on after I get the pictures from Sam~ ByeSsSs~