Saturday, November 28, 2009


At last I registered myself with nuffnang!! Now I am one of the nuffnanger!!! LOLx... I had been talking about joining nuffnang for so many times but I never do it till last week I finally registered myself...

Why so sudden? All thanks to Mervyn who give me a chance to enjoy the free movie ticket given out by nuffnang!!! Hahahaha!!!

So guys please don't hesitate press on the adv~ hahaha!!!

I should do more update in my blog afterward... exam coming out next... after that I will spend some free time to post up whatever happen for the past few weeks!!
Dinner at werner's and Celine/Eunice's Birthday celebration will be the two main topic i gonna post on~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I feel like blogging~

Out of sudden when I playing my facebook watever it is... I feel like adding something in my blog but I dunno wat to put... So sad~ Let check my picture folder and see what I can post on~

Humm... I hv an individual folder to keep everything for my blog... In the folder I hv sub-folder which I label them by college term. I in term 5 now and comparing the 5 sub-folder from term1 to term5... I felt like why the pictures in the folder are getting lesser and lesser~ The only reason I can think of is maybe we spend lesser time with each other from term to term. Things change as well as people.

Oh gosh~ I become an emo-kia lately~ Very emo sometime and I think I need a vacation to somewhere near beach and out of the city~ I shld start planning now~ Langkawi gonna be my best choice now since Redang is unavailable now~

Anyways~ Good night everyone~

La la La~

Hey guy~ Sorry for no updating my blog~ My food promotion just finish last Saturday~ I felt kinda good now~ At least major part of my stress had gone~

Let me share something during the promotion~ I really impressed with the result of how my kitchen team work, they seriously did not dissapoint me~ From morning 9am till nite after the event, we all work so hard and have fun in the kitchen also... Well, nothing is perfect, something bad happened but at least I manage to control the whole situation. The whole promotion was really a fantastic exprerience for everyone of us~ from service side to kitchen~ not forgotten the bar too~ This is why I'm so in love with Grp 4,5,6.

Next, nothing to do with my promo. Human is born with characteristic, differ from one and another~ and the way people think is very hard to imagine~ Recently, I felt that one of my friend just dunno how to respect others~ I know how good to be with someone u like but please respect ur friend when they are around u~ I totally felt like a lamp or pendaflour light with only 'Tick Tack' and 'ze ze' sound~ I no nid to know how u express love to each other... it's NON OF MY BUSINESS~ And I DUN GIVE A DAMN TOO~

Watever lar~ Good night guy~ Need a good sleep~ and rest~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am Sorry~

Sorry for previous post... I think I jz too selfish... I am not the only one who stress up so much... there are a lot of them... everyone... Sorry to everyone for a selfish me...

I am truely sorry~

Wat F stand for??

F stand for the F word... Yup~ F word continue with U and follow up with C and end with a K~ F-U-C-K~ The F word...

Wat The Fuck is happening??? Why? Its there anything wrong? Am I think too much or somebody else think too much? Or I jz over re-act on something which is not exist at all? Or I am right about it and tht somebody did something that bother me so much?

I dun give a fucking damn man... I am tired of giving any fucking shit to somebody... I am not tht type of person tht somebody will think of... I am different... fucking different! CCB !!!

p/s: i am just too stress...