Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I been Tagged !!! On my Birthday somemore !!! =.=''

Today, as usual I hang around my friends blog and read the latest update of their blog...Some did update while some still the same old story and even some had not been blogging for months...but its not the point, the point is some of my friends had been tagged and I am thinking how lucky am I not to be tag... so I view my friend, Adeline's blog first as her name is the first in my friends list... I read her blog and laugh bcoz she had been tagged....When I read till the the last part bout 5 people she tag...I see none of the name in the list are I quite 'lega' with it...Den I saw she wrote "Sorry guys and girls especially those who are busy~ coz Jim who tagged me tagged most of the people on my list too~ good luck~ =)" As Jim was my junior, my friend, my teammate and even my Sifu[Read here] I decided to visit his blog and read who else had been tagged...And I saw my name is in the list !!! Okay, whatever...Still been tagged... "Thank" Jim for tagged me on my birthday...haha...

Let the game begin!!!

The rules are:
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player than tags 5 people and posts their names, than goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they done got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

What was I doing 10 years ago ( 1998)?
1. Watch Ultraman
2. Learn how to multiply and divide in primary school
3. Play ghost chasing gaming [Something like police and thief game]
4. Pretend to be sick so tht I no nid go for tuition with my scariest tuition teacher ever...
5. Eat a lot of fish balls

5 things on my to-do list today
1. Play monopoly
2. Reply Tag
3. Online and chat with my fellow friends
4. Sleep
5. Hang around friend's blog to check which fella tagged me again

5 Snacks I enjoy
1. Twistie
2. French Fried
3. Pop Corn for Cinema
4. Honey Star
5. Mango Puding

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire
1. Donate some to those who nid it
2. Go travel
3. Do some Investment [money makes money]
4. Share with my family
5. Held a big party with my friends

5 of my bad habits
1. Sometime quite careless
2. Blur Blur a bit [day dreaming]
3. Hot Temper [less ady nowday]
4. Playful
5. Childish [sometimes]

5 place i have lived
1. Batu Buruk [Terengganu, my hometown]
2. Air Jernih [also Terengganu, my hometown]
3. Chalet at P.Perhentian [During LCDS Summer Camp]
4. Chalet at P.Redang [During a trip with friends]
5. Sunway, Mentari Court

5 jobs I've had
1. Salesman in a phone shop
2. Shopkeeper in my cousin brother book store
3. Help in my family's shop
4. Promoter in a Digital Camera Fair
5. Sell drinks and snack during school cross country event [During secondary school]

5 people I tag: (I jz follow the game's rule...Dun put the blame on me~~~)
1. Celine
2. Yen Wei
3. Jing Jing
4. Sam
5. Wei Lim

Sorry guys and girls...I jz choose randomly...Keep the chain alive !!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

When Childish Attack !!!

Yesterday was a sunny day but its turns into a bad day when Manchester United defeated to Chelsea. It was the late penalty cause ManU need to fight hard so tht they can win the title this year...its all because......ARGHHH...stop the crap!!! Not going to talk bout the match anymore !!! Well, I went out to 1U yesterday around 4o'clock with my friends. We not going there for shopping but just to hang around since we have nothing to do. Then we went to Toys"R"us. Wondering why we went there since we r so old??? Its because one of my friend, Andrina wanted to buy a Disney Edition Monopoly. Its her dream to own one of it. Perhaps, tht monopoly is the most expensive monopoly I ever played. And of cause there is more expensive one lar... After tht, we went to Asian Cafe to watch football match, then went to play pool. We went back at 12.15am. After bath and everything settle down, we play our monopoly game. We play until 4am in the morning and guess who is the winner??? I AM THE WINNER !!! First winner...wakakakakaka... Okay, let see the pictures I took...

The Box of Monopoly [Looks Interesting]

The Game Board

The Money !!!

The Pieces
Top row [Ratatuile, Mr. Incredible, Buzz LightYear, Sulley(Monster Inc)]
Second row [Nemo, Cars]

Traffic Corn, House and Dices

My piece...Sulley from Monster I.N.C

Thats all for today, I might post bout my college orientation night in my next post...c ya next time...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

*|* Dinner *|*

Today, I went to have my dinner with my couple of friends at Santa Ines. A restaurant located in my school. Its was the first time for me to have my dinner at there [Santa Ines]. Usually I had my dinner at another restaurant at the other corner, Lemon Grass.
Well, I was too hungry till I forgot to take the photo of my meal...jz manage to take the picture of my dessert. Let me tell u wat inside the menu.

Starter : Onion Soup- A onion soup served with a piece of cheese top bread.

Main course : A roast duck i think...Kinda forgot how the duck been cook...haha...

Dessert : Peach with syrup...the process of making the peachwas very frame...haha...

Oh ya, I got my hair cut again today...haiz...wat to do...not meet wat the lecture wan my hair should be... waste waste...haiz...muz control a money...
Okay lar, no really in mood to blog this entry jz to keep my promise to somebody...haha...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

~ Futsal ~

There had beens weeks I dint play futsal since I came to KL until yesterday night, Andrina's cousin brother, Ivan brought me to play futsal at Sport Planet with his friends. I was quite excited with it coz I dunno wat kind of players I gonna meet...will them be very great in futsal??? Or vise-versa??? My friend, Ewen suppose to go together too but he cant manage to make it bcoz he get on the wrong KTM which he suppose to head on to Klang but he took the one which heading to Seremban. Haha... Funny boy... So Ivan's friend came to fetch us around 8.50pm and the game gonna start at 9pm. So we hurried to the Sport Planet. We reach around 9.10pm and there was already lots of ppl. There were around 16 players. We play 5 versus 5 for 10 minutes den change another 5 person in to play. Its was tough for me bcoz I am still new there and not get to use to the enviroment yet. So needless to say, I did quite bad at first. I even left 3 balls get bhind my net when I played as goalkeeper in third match.
After third match den I manage to get myself in the game. So I score back three goals to cover my mistake. First Hat-trick in KL !!! Hahaha... Nothing to be proud... Coz I win nothing for tht hat-trick...LOL... Well, I injured my knee too during the game. My opponent challenge me for the ball and he accidentally stuck his foot between my foot and "Wa La" I felt down... Scala Richer 7.9 happen !!! Haha...


My Nike Futsal's boots [TotalNinety Shoot]

My Nike Futsal's boots [TotalNinety Shoot]

My Nike Futsal's boots [TotalNinety Shoot]

My Nike Futsal's boots [TotalNinety Shoot]

My Nike Futsal's boots [TotalNinety Shoot]

Thts the end of my First futsal game at KL... Looking for the second game...wakakakka...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Typhoid Injection !!!

Ya ya ya, Typhoid injection... This injection is to prevent hand food and mouth disease... Its compulsory for all culinary art and hospitality students. The injection start at 2.30pm and should be done by 4.30pm. Remember I said I had a restaurant practical today in my previous post??? My practical ends at 1.15pm and I went to took my free meal vouchers at the reception. After I took my vouchers, I went to play pool with my friends to wait for the injection time to come.

Ting Tong !!! Its 2.30pm, so all of us hurried to the Multipurpose Hall at Annexe where the injection took place. After a few minutes of briefing on where to register ourself and pay the money, we Q-up and wait for our turns. Its took almost 1hours and 15minutes to register and make our payment...And we nid another 45minutes to line-up and get our injection. SO ITS TOTAL OF TWO HOURS TO FINISH THE WHOLE THING!!!!!!!!!

This the pictures we took during waiting for our turns...

"People Mountain, People Sea" The Whole hall is so full of people !!!

Line-up to get their shot ~

Picture during Q-up [Kiddo v Sam]

Another picture during the Q-up [Kiddo]

Still Not our turns yet !!!

So, just took another picture [Kiddo v June]

At last ! My turns !!! Ya, I noe I looks funny in the picture, but I am really nervous... Even thought the injection wasn't pain. Well, Sam...I am not shouting bcoz of the pain, I shout jz as a joke!!! LOL...Anyways, I dun mind...

Credit to Sam for the photos he took with his camera.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Class In The College ^.^

I had my first class in my college last friday... Sorry cause I am quite busy settling my stuff and only now I can have a chance to tell u all bout my first class in my college... My first class was a pastry class with Chef Shaari. Well, we were ask to bake a butter cake during the class. We were given a recipe of the butter cake and also the icing.
Here is the recipe :

Butter Cake
: unsalted butter - 200g
: 4 eggs
: 1 Lemon
: soft flour - 200g
: vanilla Essence - 0.005 Lt
: Sugar - 160g
: Baking Powder - half tea spoon

: unsalted butter - 200g
: 1 egg
: 1 egg yolk
: Vanilla Essence - 0.005 Lt
: Sugar - 160g
: water - 0.060 Lt

If u feel something wrong with the recipe...its simply means that u r normal cause everyone did felt the same thing... Its the r we gonna measure the 0.060Lt ?!?!?! Anyway, we manage to solve it...dun ask how! I cant answer u... LoL ...

Okay, first is to bake a butter cake... so we follow all the steps in the recipe...and the result of the cake was not bad...and its taste good too... lets see the picture.

Its looks nice, isn't it??? Its the first cake I ever bake in my life...Quite impressed for the first time...wakakakakaka....Its taste was as good as its dun worry...haha....

Next, was the icing. As baking the cake, we also follow all the steps in the recipe...but...its doesn't turns up to be as good as the cake. U will noe when u see the picture of the icing...

Ya ya...I noe its looks more like scramble eggs more than an icing...but wat to do... anyway,nvm...almost everyone had the same icing as I had.

In the pastry class, I am really enjoyed the whole process...baking, cooling and also laughing when saw the icing...Its really a wonderful experience. Dun worry, I believe I can do it better next time... Haha...
Its already late tonight, so lets call it a day...Tmr I nid to wake up early and go for my first restaurant practical class. Wish me luck, okay??? Sayonara ~~~

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fu-YoH !!!

Well...I am not talking bout DIGI Fu-Yoh....haha....A bit over Excited....okay! honestly...Very excited lar.... Its all bcoz I jz bought a new laptop (HP Compact) from the PC Fair yesterday... and also Edifier Stereo System... It cost me all together around RM3000...
Pictures tell u more...

Compact HP ~~~

Compact HP ~~~

Speakers ~~~

Bass ~~~

Its already 1 week I had been here...Started my college life... still got a long way and time to go...get to know new friends...seeing new things...learning a lots... Never expect college life to be easy...okay...thts all for bout my life more on the next post...CHAO ~~~

Friday, April 4, 2008

Leaving To K.L Dy ~~ Y.Y ~~

This gonna be my last post before I go to KL later 8.20a.m. After this post...I think it gonna be very hard for me to have time for posting in my blog again... I really miss everything here... Miss the time hanging out wif friends...time when we do crazy things... time when went to Redang Island... I really miss it...especially U, my dear... Thank you for ur advance birthday card...even its jz a birthday card...Its already the best present I ever received... Nothing could be better than it... I Love U... Take care during in NS ooo... We meet when u come to KL nah... :)
Tell u all more when I get chance to post in my blog next time ~~~

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

*** Memories ***

Few more days to go...and I going to leave Kuala Terengganu to further my study at Taylor's College. Since I left my secondary school, I meet a lot of friends...old friends, new friends and even a girlfriend...haha... Well, I really gonna miss everyone, every moment, every single unforgotten memory and every single minutes i spend here... This post is something about some of my friends...

Lets start with my fella football gangiezz...

The UnderGround Football Cub Players

Steven Tan
Captain in our football team, always think smart before he take any action, very cool when facing any problem...good in some computer stuffy...Good guy huh ??!!?? U r wrong !!! He is a crazy guy...The next picture will prove it ~~~


Now time for BirdMan Ong...His name is Nelson which translate into chinese will turn to be Nel=Bird, Son=God....So we use to call him BirdMan, Suit with his funny style... He is a funny guy and he always the one who make all of us laugh our ass off...He never said no if u nid a help from him, depend on whether wat ur help long as he can do it, he will help u...

Let me introduce u all to the UnderG DARE Devil !!! Mr.Pratheeb !!! Here is it...our Dare Devil...Never dare this guy...u are finding trouble...He understand Chinese as well as speak it out...but a bit only lar... I never meet somebody who is such a daring person like him...salute him...

Mr.Beaver on stage now !!! Ivan, famous with his cute front teeth...and becoz of his cute teeth, his nickname is Beaver...given by Suyen...Hahaha... This guy study smart and he is good in dividing his time...His weak point is he always nervous when doing some stuff or facing some problems... Which make me feel so funny looking at his nervous face...

Okay, LCDS Club President 2007, Suyen Lim...The only Chindian in our gangz....The founder of Ivan nickname,Beaver... He is a funny guy...always come out with some lame joke...his joke din make us laugh but the way he tell us make us LMAO....

Willian Tan...Also known as Weng Liang...Always do his stupid face and funny action...special ability...some action which is not funny will become very funny when he act it out...haha...

Louis Liong...the lucky striker in our team...always score the lucky goal in the match...He is a good his girl so much...

Heng Yi Wen...The skillful midfielder in the team... When he try to said something fast...he will always said the wrong thing and make everyone laugh...

Jim, current President of LCDS 2008... My Sifu who teach me a lot to become a goalkeeper...Thank you very much...Good Luck in ur SPM...

Sean Toh...the Story Teller of UnderG FC... U can get the latest news happened in KT from him and also know many other thing happen at others school...

Now time for SchoolMate

Priyaa, President of P.O.P (Persatuan Orang-orang Perasan) One of my best friend...she is a friendly person...we always share our problem...she gave me a lot of advise in how should I behave as I am a Hot-Temper person...and those advise do help me a lot...

Danica, Vise-President of P.O.P, which is another best friend of mine...she is fine but just sometime she too straight forward and accidentally offense somebody...thts her only weak point... Well, she do help me out too on how I control my Temper...

Next, Jacky Koh Zhi Wei...This guy is a slow motion guy...not to teas him but sometime he really slow...haha...

Adrian Tan the genius of our School... Yea, he is a genius...he is the one out of two student who get straight A1's for SPM...

Shi Hui A.K.A Joanne... One of the most beautiful girl in my school... She use to be a shy little girl years ago but now she had grown to be more confident and mature...

Michelle...She is a funny girl...and she very good in thing I very proud of her is she had confident in herself and she is a very tough girl...

Keshen, the skinny guy... He will look more handsome if he grow fatter... Take more protein my friend...grow fatter...haha....

Soo, Secretary of LCDS year 2007... She is a silent girl...less talk, more action...She is a beautiful girl, IF she can grown fatter, she will look more beautiful...

Christina...A friendly girl...who trust her Lord...and face everything with open-minded....

Adeline Lee, another beautiful little girl...She is younger one year than me but she is in the same form...which means clever girl lor...

Here are more photos bout my friends...sorry for those I dint mention...its doesnt means tht I forgetbout u all...I jz cant put all of u in this post...plz forgive me...

UnderGround FC, Champion of LCDS Football Tournament

The Turtle Project !!!

Michelle and Shi Hui ~~~

Group Photo ~~~

The LCDS Summer Camp 2007

In Chemistry's Lab ~~~

Dont took our photo !!!

In Da Class~~~

OMG !!! Hahaha...

The Fake B.L.U.E.S ~~~

2007 Group Photo in 5 Taqwa ~~~

Mr.Tajuddin and Nelson ~~~

Girls Meeting ~~~

Wow~~~ Funny Face~~~wakakaka~~~

Best Friend Forever ~~~

~~~ 5 Taqwa 2007 ~~~