Thursday, July 23, 2009

Off Day~

As u all know, I having my second training now. Today is my offday and my fishing kaki, Joshua is in town(he is now training in one of the hotel in PD, jz back for 3days). So what else? I went to fish with him and Nicholas too~ 

Not too bad for today, I got two fishes, one Roohoo and one Keli~ Hehehe~ Keli, a new species I caught today~ This is the first time I caught Keli. Quite small size but nvrmind... something is better than nothing~ hehe~ 

Roohoo~ sold for RM2~ haha~
Keli~ Released back to lake~ =.=!!! Still small lar wei~ let it live for longer time~

Very active fish!!! Hehe~

Planning to buy myself a fishing rod next month~ Hehe~ We shall see next month~ haha~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hello people~ Tiring tiring tiring daysssssssss~ currently I hving my second industry training in one of the hotel in shah alam~ All I hope now is to finish my exam as soon as possible~ I am sick of it... Maybe because most of the time I in contact with most of the business clients not the foreign tourists. I prefer dealing with foreign tourists as they are much friendly and hv better attitude~ serving a local malaysian is the worst experience~ why? because 90 out of 100% of them dun really respect the servers. For them, the server are not to their standard to be respect. Come on... who are u 10 or 30 year ago... U know better right... I believe most of u start from lower level and u too feel the same when ppl dun respect u... unless u had been that high class level since small. But so what?

Malaysian... typical Malaysian... I am speechless... Regardless what races are u... u still Malaysian and u still hv the same attitude because u are born in the same society... Learn to appreciate, learn to be graceful, learn to respect, learn to be humble and learn to be a better Malaysian.

MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! Harap harap ar~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Remember my previous post on the language should be use in teaching science and math?

I feel that the government should ask the opinion of the students who had experience it. No point they go and ask the current students whether they prefer to be taught in English or Bahasa.

Why no point? Because they havent experience the benefit of learning those subject in English. Try ask those students who started to use English in science and math in year 2003. Yes, my year. I from the first batch of students who started to use English in learning science and math. We too felt very unfortunate that time and asking why they swift the language for tht two subjects. But now, we know the benefit. In higher education, all this science and math subjects are taught in English and I believe most of us can understand it without much problem since we already have the basic.

So please ask those who have experience the benefit and make sure the other students too will gain the same benefit as us~ All 90s students please sound out ur opinion on this matter so that the benefit for learning Science and Math in English can be maintain for our younger brothers and sisters~

P/S : Check my result just now... well, still at the same average point... could be better~

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bahasa Malaysia or English Language

Last few years, our government decided to change the language in teaching Science and Mathematics. From Bahasa Malayu to English~

After few years, they decided to change back from English to Bahasa Melayu~

Same as few years back, some support while some feel unhappy bout it~ I just want to share some of my own personal opinion on this matter~

Teaching Science and Math in English actually a very good idea because after those students who finish their secondary school, they will proceed to a higher level of education in college/university. In higher education, science and math is teach in English~ So if they already learn science and math during their primary and secondary school time, it will be not much problem for them in their college/university especially those who taking science relate course or math relate course such as doctor, pilot, engineering or boitech.

When we plan something, we plan for long term since it related to the future. If just for a period of time then it should be fine. But this is about the future leaders of our country. If the government change the language just because they think the subjects should be teach in language that understand by the students, IT IS A BIG MISTAKE !!!

Why? Because when the students go to higher level of education, they will find more trouble in understand the subjects cause the subjects obviously going to be harder. It is true that we can produce a number of good doctors even last time they use to learn science and math in BM. But how much effort and time they had use to try to understand science and math in English when they proceed to their higher education? Teaching Science and Math in English during primary and secondary actually help the students in they future studies. For those who wish to proceed to oversea studies especially those who wish to take medic or pharmaceutic.

Dun think from your view of point... think from the point of view of the students, cause they are those who going to learn the subjects. They are the one going to use the knowledge. They are the one going to lead Malaysia in future.

Government ar government... look further please~ the road is still long... dun built an unnecessary traffic light in the middle a straight road~

Aizzz~ Time to sleep~ Dear Dream God... please grant me a sweet,beautiful,great and awesome dream~

Tuesday, July 7, 2009



Well, my bad~ I hv been quite lazy to write in my blog since I started my 2nd training~ I will try to update tommorrow night if possible~ And maybe I will close down my blog temporary to do some renovation since I found out my blog is still the same old layout even its already 2 years and 9 months old~ NOT now... most properly will be end of my training where I have more time for it~

So see u guy again tmr night~ (Hopefully)