Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hello people~ Tiring tiring tiring daysssssssss~ currently I hving my second industry training in one of the hotel in shah alam~ All I hope now is to finish my exam as soon as possible~ I am sick of it... Maybe because most of the time I in contact with most of the business clients not the foreign tourists. I prefer dealing with foreign tourists as they are much friendly and hv better attitude~ serving a local malaysian is the worst experience~ why? because 90 out of 100% of them dun really respect the servers. For them, the server are not to their standard to be respect. Come on... who are u 10 or 30 year ago... U know better right... I believe most of u start from lower level and u too feel the same when ppl dun respect u... unless u had been that high class level since small. But so what?

Malaysian... typical Malaysian... I am speechless... Regardless what races are u... u still Malaysian and u still hv the same attitude because u are born in the same society... Learn to appreciate, learn to be graceful, learn to respect, learn to be humble and learn to be a better Malaysian.

MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! Harap harap ar~

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