Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to KL~

Hello guyssssssss and girlssssssssss~~~~~~~ I am back~ haha~

I spend my last 3 weeks at my hometown and I enjoy my holiday a lot~ Especially during the Raya week where everyone is back in town~ We had a BBQ party in my house and then do some beer talk till 5am in the morning~ Talking bout all the crap from past to now~ Really hoping for the next party now cause it really fun having a small gathering with the old friends~

Oh~ Today is Joshua birthday~ Happy Birthday Josh!!! Hahaha!!!

Humm~ I got nothing much to blog now~ maybe tmr~ hehe~ chaos~

Friday, September 4, 2009

Last day of my training~

Tomorrow... opps~ I mean today~ gonna be my last day for my 2nd industry training~ and I going back to KT this sunday!!! Haha~

Boring night~ as my brother Sam went to Australia yesterday for his vacation~ hope he enjoy his holiday~ Tot of calling him out yesterday night before he went but I guess it just too late~ Now I can't play pool before going back to KT~ Hey wait~ Joshua coming back this Saturday~ Hehehe!!! Joshua!!! Joshua!!! Joshua!!! He can play pool with me!!! Haha!!! We will see this Saturday~

What I gonna do when I back to KT?
Most properly I will just call few of my old friends out for a few cup of Teh'O Ice~ and chitchat~
Or maybe play pool them~
Or if I lucky enough to find people for futsal, I might play futsal~
Maybe I gonna get myself a pair of slippers~
Maybe I going for diet plan~ (In dream)
Maybe Maybe Maybe....

Whatever it is~ I still going to be in my hometown~

GoodNight guys~ I gonna settle my laundry~