Friday, November 12, 2010

Busy Term

*deep breath* Fuuuuuu~~~~~~~~~ There is only one and only one word can describe me right now; Exhausted. A lots of assignment and project catching up and so on... rushing from time to time to finish the assignmentssss and projectsss... Anyways, lucky I am able to finish it on time.

Feel quite happy to know that my TIS title is accepted.. Can't wait to start working on it~ All this sommelier thingy make me feel so excited! Wines wines wines! Not to forget Spirits spirits spirits!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Time flies... Its been 3 years I studying in Taylor's University which used to be Taylor's College... Today English Class lecturer asked us to write a paragraph about ourself on what had changed since the first day in college/university...

Well, to be honestly... I changed a lot... mostly because of people around me... all kind of characteristic... fun, easy-going, crazy, serious, selfish, EMO and a lot more... But I have to admit without them, my life won't be so colorful! I got funky color, bright color, BLACK&WHITE and rainbow and bla bla bla... Whatever the color is, it makes my life better...

hmmm... I wish to lay on field full with green~ or laying on the bed of sand at the seaside~ Looking at the clear blue sky with cloud blocking the sun and the cold wind is blowing... With the cold touch on my skin makes me feel so relax...

I guess I am really need some rest now~ Good Night people~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fruit Full Holiday~

This is my last week of holiday~ Spend last two week in my hometown as my mun had came back from Italy trip~ As I said in my previous post, I din't able to go for the trip so my mun baught me few souvenir back from Italy~

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finally~ an update~

I finished my training around one week ago... so now enjoy my boring holiday in Puchong~ The reason why I still in PJ and not going back to my hometown was simply because my whole family in Italy right now having their vacation~ Why I am not going? Don't ask~ haha~
Anyways, we for few drinking session... 2 to be actual~ one was right after training and the other one was when Geralyn back from Langkawi~

And let's have a look on the cardboard~ The collection of me and Charlie~

As you see, the middle beautiful bottle was J.W Swing, and the one on the right side of J.W Swing is J.W Gold Label 18 years, and the rest 3 bottles are J.W Gold Label Reserve~ so far this is our collections and I believe more to come after this~ haha~

I think tht's all for today~ Lazy to update la~ haha~ looking at my blog achieve... the blog post getting lesser and lesser every year~ I will try to update more~ byebye~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hi Blog

It has been a long month... Tiring month... I am just too tired... Need a break, need a vacation... It would be nice to go somewhere alone and chill... My mind need a break... I seriously don't know what to write here right now... My brain cells are not working... Will update again next time..

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oh... I am back?

Been unable to online for the past whole week~ why? forgot to pay my bill~ that's why~ haha~

Alright, I finished my exam for Term 4 last Friday... Went out with my friends after that, I did pretty much fun things with my friends this holidays~

On Monday, I went fishing with Joshua, Nicholas, Alex and two of Joshua's friends, Jack and Kit... It was kinda dried fishing trip with only 1 patin and 2 roohoos (with 5 person fishing and 6 fishing hours, 3 fishes are damn little...) The biggest disappointment was when Joshua's friend, Kit lost a big patin, around 4-5kg which only inches away from us...6 men stunned for 1 minute and I sat on the ground looking at the big fish that swim away... I still feel Emo whenever I think of it... Anyways, the bright side, at least I got 2 roohoos and Joshua got one patin~

(Oppsss... was playing Sudoku just now... totally forgotten bout I'm blogging... haha~ ok back to my blog~)

Then the next day, Tuesday, I went to Genting Highland with Yenwei, Celes, Yew, Henry, Kahwai, Sam, Geralyn, Celine~ We meet Celine's brother and his friend there~ And we have steamboat for dinner in the hotel room~ haha! Then Celine's brother, Arthur introduced us this game called The Wolves~ Pretty fun game~ And I believed everyone enjoy the game especially the wolves girlssss~ Hahahahah~

Then Wednesday, Nothing much as we came back from Genting highland and have a good rest~
Well then Thursday, same group of people went down to Melacca to visit the town full of good foodsssss~ Two cars one destination~ haha~ Meet up with Charlie and Lisa there~ Then we went for photo shooting with all those pros camerasssssss (I think I gonna get one soon...) We eat a lot for the whole day, Pork Satayssss, Cendol, Rojak, Some desserts at Arena and Also SATAY CELUP! We head back around 10.30pm~

Well thats all for my first week of holiday~ Will update more often if I got time~

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Greatness Guide

I been reading this book recently, a gift from Mr.Patrick. Even I just started to read for the first few pages, I felt that this book inspired me... Its makes me think more mature and I realize a lot of things that never come across my mind... hopefully this book will make me a better person.. better leader for now and in future...


Different topic...

I been really tired recently... not physically but mentally... being a leader is not easy... to convince people is even harder... to make ur team mate think as how you think is double the hardness...
Well, I admitted that I not a good leader but I trying my best... Most of them think that they have their personal problem and choose not to give a damn to things like project/assignment tht they should be worried about... And when you ask them to something, they will just do it for the sake of doing it without thinking much deeply on the benefits of everyone else in the team...
The sentence I quote from the book I read the best way to be success is to make your employees think like a leader... but to make them thinks is not that easy... They have their own mind and I am just a leader by the name... afterall we are all still students... Whatever I said will be something like microorganism that nobody will even bother to care of... Maybe for them it just an assignment to make them pass their degree... but for me, it not just to pass my degree, it time for me, for us to practice to be a better person in future...
That's the problem the people have, they think for short distance and never care much afterall...
I am not saying they are selfish because sometime we have to be selfish depending on what situation we have... I'm selfish too... What I saying is they need to be more understanding and put some efforts to makes things work out for everyone...

Exam is half way finishing and everyday what I heard was people telling each others how hard they study but nothing got into their mind and whatever it is... but the fact is they do know... Most of my friends look at me and ask, 'hey why u so free one like u are not worried bout the exam'. I will always tell them there is nothing for me to worry about, I had studied what I think I should and why must I worried even sometime I dun even think that I know the answer for the questions ask in the exam paper.
They will always replied me 'ohh... sure la... u so smart ma... can memorize easily within short time'.
Well my friends, I am not smart, I just understand what I read and analyze better... In fact all of you are better than me, Yes... you are... I am not sure smart/genius type of person... I just understand what I studied and use them. So STOP memorizing START understanding and analizing!
If you want to know why you can't understand the sentences, it is because you assume things before you even finish the whole sentences. Focus and read carefully, find the key words, then come out with the main point.

Here is another things that turns me off all the times... people that always assume things as they think but in fact thats not true at all... Yes, it's good that you express your feeling the way you want it but can you think of what others might feel and think? Especially you are commmenting about something bad about people or things... What people will feel when they over heard what you said? You definitely feel that you did nothing wrong by expressing ur feeling but how bout others if they did nothing wrong and got bad comment just because you assume things in your ways?
Dear my little friends, please think from their point of view... please understand the whole thing before you even make the judgement. Afterall, who are you to judge them if you are not better than them? And even if you are better than them, still do you think you know everything and able to judge a person?
Think again... Always thinks before you speak!
I felt really bad today because I felt offenced by sentences written to me... Seriously, I am the worm in your brain that know everything... I am not the person that write the future of everyone... I do not know what in your mind and how I suppose to know what happen... I just transfered a msg to you and you assume that I ruin your plan? Read the sentence I wrote to you carefully, its not me the one who invite him... He never come accross my mind until somebody remind me of it and I just so happen to ask you bout him...
Please, I hate it so much...

It's been really long time ago that I ever wrote such a long entry... There are a lot in my brain/heart that I want them to gone but I just can't do it... I think I should stop here... Goodbye readers... Sorry for not updating... hope you enjoy reading this entry~ oh ya, remember to drop a comment if you feel like what I felt~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3 !

It's TOY STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my all time favourite Disney's movie!!!!!!! And this time Nuffnang is giving out 50 pairs of movie tickets to first 50 Nuffnangers who blog bout Toy Story 3!!! For more detail click here~

So what's toy/toys I wan to see in the movie? Definitely all the toys!!! New toys, old toys and All time favourite Woody and Buzz!!!!!

Well, if I have to pick 1 toy that I would want to see in ToyStory 3, I will pick CHUNK!!! The muscular spikey huge little toy~ haha!

Even with all the spikes and muscles.. He looks really cute! Especially with his smilling face~ owh... Oh god... I sound so girlish~ But I just love it!

Here some description on Chunk;
Chunk will rock your world! This gargantuan creature sports protective shoulder spikes, while his ferocious fists are ready to smash whatever enemy gets in his way. Chunk’s oversized limbs are fully poseable, making him ready for hours of imaginative fun. As an added bonus, the press of a hidden head spike will spin Chunk's facial expression from friendly to fierce! No batteries necessary.

The description make my cute Chunk sound very fierce~ :( What we need to do is don't press the spikes, he dun like it that's why he turn into fierce face~ Yeah spikey Chunk!!!

I have to admit that I sound very childish in this post~ what to do~ I grow up with ToyStory~ YEAH!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH IT!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Sign ~

Hello my readers!!!!! Do you all notice that I love to use this ' ~ ' sign no matter wat my sentence are? No yes no yes? Yes, I do agree that I use a lot of this sign~ See there go the sign again~ and again~ and.... too much again~

Why am I posting up this is because someone just asked me and it came accross my mind and I realize that I have been using this sign for quite sometime~ Since 2008? I guess so... Can't remember when but I think thats was the time I start using it~ I start using in SMS before I use it in Facebook or MSN~

Why I use this sign? Mainly because I feel this sign looks more soft in the sentence~ normal fullstop looks very formal in certain case which I choose to replace it with '~' watever this sign called~

Besides that, I also wan to create some special recognisation from other people toward me, especially those around me so that they can recognise me by looking at the symbol/sign in the SMS in case I send msg tru somebody else phone and forgot to address myself~ so with that symbols people will roughly guess who am i~

Apart from those 2 reasons, I think there is one more reason which I not even sure if it is one of the reason... anyways, just keep it away~

Alrite that conclude why I use '~' this symbol in my sentence all the time~

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My 20th Birthday!!!

3 days back was my birthday... so I am officially 20 years old! Celebrated my birthday with the four soulsuckers, Yew, Lisa and Charlie at The Ship damansara~ It was really fun that night~ What I felt the best was they succesfully surprise me this year by bringing me the cake 2 hours before my birthday pass... Thank you to you all for the effort, I am really surprise and love it!

Then I went to Republic the next day to have some fun with more friends! Surprisingly, I still standing even with the Flaming Lambo and shot of Absinthe and quite a lot of black label~ LOLx~

Then the next day I went down to KL to meet up my mum and she baught me a present! Guess what it is? A wallet!!!

My mum said:'This is your present for the past 10 years.' Haha!

My name sealed inside the wallet~ C.C.Tor... Sound like I am so girlish... but that's my name and I love it~
Thanks for such an expensive gift, Mum!

I will upload the pictures at The Ship and Republic soon after I got the picas! Oh ya! I just created a food blog~ Visit --->>>

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My 2 years Diploma

Alrite guys, my final exam left only 2 days to go... Then I will be officially finish my Diploma~ I can't believe I passed my 2 years Diploma just like that... Things changed a lot in this 2 years... Myself and people around me... Let's recall some of the memories~

Term 1

Mervyn!! Do u remember this? hahaha!!!
It so happen that Mervyn was my first pastry partner~ haha! And tht the first creation!! Butter cake tht does not looks like a butter cake... haha!

Then the 1rst May came and we form a college family~ haha! Everyone looks totally different now beside Sam I think~

Then the first time we celebrated Sam's birthday~ He invited us to his house for his birthday~

Went to Hi5 bread Factory with DH30~ Yeah!

Celebrated Celes's birthday before we off for our term break~

Term 2

Won a Merit Award in Moral assignment which is to act in a drama... With college family~

Pastry class with Chef Tan~ I miss this guy a lot~ great chef with wide knowledge~

Went for steamboat with some of the group 6~ Grace is hungry...

College on Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to Redang for a holiday trip with Group5~ Trip where I get to know a lot of new people which I dun even realise they are in the same course as mine~ haha!
I get to know girl with flying hair, girl with funny laugh, girl who are slow of getting the meaning and a lot of funny and fun people~ haha!

Term 3

Organized a Charity Carnival with G4,5,6

Learned about wine tasting~

Celebrated Amy's birthday~

Helped in Taylor's open day~

Term 4

Went fishing for the first time... and caught few fishes~ haha!!

Organize a forum with G4,5,6 and Celebrated Sam's birthday~

Organized a welcoming dinner for DH33~

Celebrated my birthday~

Celebrated Ms.Jasmine birthday~

Celebrated Yen Wei's Birthday which she cried in the kitchen~ poor girl but she is happy!!!


Went Elcerdo for dinner with crazy bunch of people! haha!

Created my first Cocktail!!!

Went to Melacca with the batangs~

Organised a food promo with G4,5,6~

Baught a gay tie with Sam!!! Muahahaha!!!

Celebrated Celine's birthday!!!

Finally... Term 6

Crash my car~

Went Melacca again~

Celebrated Esther's birthday~

Celebrated CNY in Kahwai's house~

Went for Char Kuew Tiao at TTDI with group4~

Caught the most fishes with my own bait~ haha!!!

Went to Sherpedo~ Had the finest Kilkenny fresh from the tap!!!

There are a lot more which I can't post it up as tht will take me days to finish it~ haha!

Well Term6 still not end yet~ but few more days to go~ We will having lots of fun still~ I will always remember those time during Diploma~ haha! I love DH30 Group 4,5,6!!!!!!!!!!! We always the best group togetheR!!!!!!

Here I wish everyone in DH30 Group 4,5,6 All the best in whatever you all do in future... We will come across again somehow in the future(Those who not continue-ing they degree)... And those who continue-ing their degree... *Need to see the same faces again... jz joking* Let's fight for what we wish for~

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Favourite Sport

Remember the previous post I posted up title 'I wanna be a Projet Alpha TV Star'? This time is about my favourite sport~ What is my favourite sport? Football!!!!!!!!!!! Football has been my all time favourite sport even I not playing football for about 1 year plus cause people are more into futsal here.

Back to those days in my secondary school time, I always play with my friends and we even have a team call Underground FC... Not to be proud or what but we are quite a strong team among the rest of secondary team.

Let's show you guys some of my photo~

This photo was taken after a friendly match with a team from other school. We won the game 4-2.

While this is one of my favourite photo, we took this before we play in the final and we won as a champion for our club league~ haha! (I not playing for my team tht time but I was in another team which I formed up myself and we were knock-out in the semi-final)

This photo was taken when we join the MCA football tournament... Saw me??? If you do, you might be asking why I'm not in my team jersey? Did I told you that I am the manager of my team as well? Hahaha~ We lost in the tournament as that was our first time join a tournament and we have not enough experience compare with those uncles...

Beside playing in all those tournament and friendlies, we enjoy playing football just for the sake of kicking the ball and enjoy the fun of it... Sometime when its rain, we got more excited as playing in rain are something really fun!!! You must try if you guy got a chance to do so~ Don't worry of getting sick, you won't!!! With rain splashing on your face and field full with water pitch and the ball were floating on the water rather than on the ground... and we were kicking the water to opponent more than kicking the ball!!! Hahahaha!!! I can't stop myself from thinking of those momment!!!

Those time playing football with all my friends was really fun... After all the sweating momment, we smell horrible!!! Hahahaha!!! Of course now we no longer fear of being smelly after sweaty sport game as we have this :

A cure for bad smell~ haha!

So guys what you waiting for!!!!!!!! Let's get sweaty!!!!!!!!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

Ladies and Gentlemen!!!! Project Alpha Season 2 is HERE!!!!!!!!!

For those who already knows about Project Alpha go ahead and read! While for those who don't know what is Project Alpha, it's actually a Malaysia's first TV show about real-life blooger!!! This reality show will tell you all who they are, what they doing in their daily life and this and that.. let's cut it short. Go this page to find out more >>> Project Alpha

Question 1 : Who will be in Project Alpha Season 2?
Answer : This season they are bringing 7 fascinating bloggers which will be Niki Cheong, KY, Shaolin Tiger, Cheesie, Azwan Azli, Ninie Ahmad, Klubkidd

Question 2 : What's this blog all about???
Answer : This post is all about the audition for those who interested to be featured as a guest bloggers in Project Alpha season 3!!!

Question 3 : How this audition works?
Answer :
-Create a video in your very own creative way of why you should be in Project Alpha 3(60 seconds or less)
-Login to Ruumz or signup for an account >> Here
- Join the Project Alpha Group
- upload your Audition in the 'Audition' Album below!
- Insert a Title and Description on your audition.
-Get as many friends and family members to 'LIKE' your video!!!
- You are ready to go!!!

Question 4 : Why must I go for this audition?
Answer : The prices are for winning this audition are very INTERESTING and ATTRACTING!!!

Question 5 : What are the prices???
Answer :
First Price!!!
-3 day 2 nights stay at 360Kuching Hotel, Kuching in Deluxe Room with breakfast for 2pax
- Adidas ACTION 3 hamper worth RM100 (Includes a South Africa 2010 mini ball)
- P1 W1GGY Prepaid worth RM199

Second and Third Prices!!!
- Adidas ACTION 3 hamper worth RM100 (Includes a South Africa 2010 mini ball)
- P1 W1GGY Prepaid worth RM199


Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Audition is now open! Check it out at or

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I jz came back from my very last practical class for restaurant in my whole 2 years Diploma... While I was checking through my Facebook, I came across this article posted up by one of my friends... Here is the link --->>> Ghastly Animal Abuse.
Human always tell tht's dogs are their best friends... And this is how human maintain they relationship with their best friends...

I understand some people jz dun like dogs regardless what races are u, but did they done anything wrong to u or to ur family or someone close to your heart? Even if they did, I dun think they deserve what to be punish this way... I jz hope whoever did tht to tht dog in the news will get the same treatment one day... I dunno how but the God know how...

Everything born into this world regardless what you are or who you are... we all are given an equal life... Be fair to other and to yourself... Treat others the way you want to be treated... There are always positive and negative side... just don't look too much on the negative side... Most of the time positive side gv more benefit tht what u think...

You guy decide what's right and what's wrong... I jz able to judge by my own judgement... Good Night...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week of disasterssssssss

Last week was the worst week in my entire college life time... First I crashed my lovely car and second I got dengue fever~

I crashed my car on last Saturday night after a lovely dinner with 80% of Group5, 3 from Group 6 and 2 from Group4 at our junior's food promotion. It's a great night with fantastic foods, of cause not to forget the last activity, Poker! Which me and Foohaw was the last two to play after eliminating 3 other players. He won as we played showed hand on the last round. After the event we off to yamcha section, and on my way there I skided my car and bang the divider. How was my damage? See the picture below and u will know~

Quite heavy damage~

I felt sick the next day, high fever... I tot it was jz a normal fever but the day after tht told me it not jz a fever... I might in a bigger trouble~ Red dots started to grow all over my arms, chest and almost all part of my body. I went for a blood test it showed tht I am suspected for Dengue Fever... Thts crazy... I choose not to stay in hospital since my white platelet count drop till 128 which is 22 lower than normal count. But still no need to admit in hospital... only if my white platelet count drop below 100. My white platelet keep dropping the next day, and thts make me worried cause it my cause biggggggggg trouble if keep dropping, such as internal bleeding and those bloody things... anyways, good new is tht the white platelet count increase the next following days which means I am finally recovered! Thts end my worst week...

Another nightmare gonna started as my finals coming soon... Studying studying... Shall see u guy in next post~ bye~

Monday, March 1, 2010


I guess I need to apologize for not updating my blog after so long~ Sorry to all my readers... I been little busy lately~

Okay... Did I told u guy my campus have move to new campus call the Lakeside campus? No? Let me tell u guy about my BEAUTIFUL campus~

Inside my campus~ There is a beautiful lake that why it's call the lakeside campus~ Its have 5 beautiful block which will be Block A,B,C,D,E where A and B are the Admin block and B will be the MPH... Block C,D,E will be out classroom and for hospitality course, We will having our class basically all in Block C~

And guess what~ They have a parking space for student!!! Parking space that I guess is around half of a football field? Maybe a little bit bigger~ And they got like few thousand of student study in the college!!! At least half of them are driving I believe which included me... So is the parking enough??? Let's see what happen when there are more car than the available parking space~

Students came all the way from their home to college and they have traffic Jam on their way here and now, when they in college... they still need to face traffic jam~ so so pity the students~

Do you guys notice something on the up left of the picture? Let me focus on it~

What is tht??? Every morning when we parked our car and come out from the car, what we have is the wonderful smell of the mother nature~ came from the place u saw in the picture~

And oh ya~ Everytime when its rain... We will have a lot of little ponds inside the college~ And we even have float~ where it is? It is near the stair case of LG floor, block C~ This happen when u wants thing to be done fast when there is no quality~

I feel lucky to be in the college~ Wonderful college~ U guy know which college right? The name no need to be mention here~ The word Lakeside tell it's all~

I shall see u guy in my next post~ Till then~

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Need You and He Need US

Chinese New Year Is just around a corner... And I guess everyone is busy buying stuff and decorating their house, room or even car for this CNY... But do you ever come across in your mind that maybe there is someone out there need some help from us this time?

We might feel happy now and excited for upcoming CNY but there is someone out there crying and worried about her son...

This cute little baby boy here need US...

His name Ammar Danish, suffered from Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) since the day he's born. He is born with a hole in his heart which will cause oxygenated blood and non-oxygenated blood mixing together, which in turn puts a lot of strain on his heart and lung arteries.

In certain cases, the hole seals itself up after sometime but unfortunately this doesn't happen to this cute little angel over here and doctors pronounced surgery as being necessary to prevent the situation from growing worse.

The deposit for surgery will cost RM12,000. The mother for this baby boy is a nuffnanger who blog here and her child misfortune had rise concern among the nuffnangers. So to help her and her baby boy, Nuffnang would like to ask for help from everyone either nuffnangers or non-nuffnangers. How to help? Click Here and find out how!

Donation can be make straight to his mother, Azmaniza bt Mohamad Kamal through Maybank:
Azmaniza Mohamad Kamal – 514093114912 (Maybank)

Baby Ammar’s surgery is scheduled for 22 February 2010. Please do something to help this little boy so that he can grow up like a normal kid just like what we went through.
A little thing might be small but thounsand of them will be HUGE!

I doing this because I understand how a mother feel when their child in trouble... And I know how it feel when someone close to us is suffering.

I've done mine part... how about you?