Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Sign ~

Hello my readers!!!!! Do you all notice that I love to use this ' ~ ' sign no matter wat my sentence are? No yes no yes? Yes, I do agree that I use a lot of this sign~ See there go the sign again~ and again~ and.... too much again~

Why am I posting up this is because someone just asked me and it came accross my mind and I realize that I have been using this sign for quite sometime~ Since 2008? I guess so... Can't remember when but I think thats was the time I start using it~ I start using in SMS before I use it in Facebook or MSN~

Why I use this sign? Mainly because I feel this sign looks more soft in the sentence~ normal fullstop looks very formal in certain case which I choose to replace it with '~' watever this sign called~

Besides that, I also wan to create some special recognisation from other people toward me, especially those around me so that they can recognise me by looking at the symbol/sign in the SMS in case I send msg tru somebody else phone and forgot to address myself~ so with that symbols people will roughly guess who am i~

Apart from those 2 reasons, I think there is one more reason which I not even sure if it is one of the reason... anyways, just keep it away~

Alrite that conclude why I use '~' this symbol in my sentence all the time~

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