Sunday, May 2, 2010

My 20th Birthday!!!

3 days back was my birthday... so I am officially 20 years old! Celebrated my birthday with the four soulsuckers, Yew, Lisa and Charlie at The Ship damansara~ It was really fun that night~ What I felt the best was they succesfully surprise me this year by bringing me the cake 2 hours before my birthday pass... Thank you to you all for the effort, I am really surprise and love it!

Then I went to Republic the next day to have some fun with more friends! Surprisingly, I still standing even with the Flaming Lambo and shot of Absinthe and quite a lot of black label~ LOLx~

Then the next day I went down to KL to meet up my mum and she baught me a present! Guess what it is? A wallet!!!

My mum said:'This is your present for the past 10 years.' Haha!

My name sealed inside the wallet~ C.C.Tor... Sound like I am so girlish... but that's my name and I love it~
Thanks for such an expensive gift, Mum!

I will upload the pictures at The Ship and Republic soon after I got the picas! Oh ya! I just created a food blog~ Visit --->>>

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