Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wine Cellar~

Fu~~ Hving restaurant practical class in the morning. Well quite an easy serving today as we rushed to finish our serving class. This was bcoz the restaurants gonna to be use to serve parents who came for a high tea with lecturers. So a what we planned earlier last week, we going to wine tasting at Bangsar. So 11 of us went by Jay's car and Sam's car. we reach there about 3.50pm. Its a one hour wine tasting section.

Miss Linsay is the instructor who in charge to explain something about wine to us. We given two bottle of wines to taste. One White Wine and Red Wine.

RED Wine :
Name : Wild Rush Red
Vintage : 2004
Origin : South Africa
Grapes use : Blend of Carbenet Sauvigon and Tinta Barocca

WHITE Wine :
Name : Hermanos Lurton Blanco
Vintage : 2006
Origin : Spain
Grapes use : 70% Verdejo and 30% Viura

We had been tought of how to taste wine. How to smell the aroma. How to differenciate young wine and old wine. This is quite interesting. Red wine turn lighter when its getting old while White wine turn darker when its getting old. Wow... Haha... Anyways, feel free to visit the Wine Cellar if u wan to know more bout it.

Wild Rush Red 2004

Hermanos Lurton Blanco 2006

Red Wine

White Wine

Oh ya... Andrew get a bit too high after the wine tasting... Hahahaha... His face was really red and Mervyn's face too but Mervyn was not drunk... Just a little bit red on his face. Anyways, the wine tasting really give some knowledge to all of us. Oh ya... Miss Linsay told us that German Sparkling wine goes well with TomYam... Maybe or perhap anyone of u can try it and tell me how was it taste like... :) Happy reading and have a try...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


My 100th post is for my father.

Went to F&B class just now. My lecturer show us one video from YouTube. The video is about a father with his disable son finish a Triathlon Ironman. It is a sport event consisting of Swimming, Cycling and Running in various distances. Participant will start will swimming then cycling and last running continuously until they reach the end. Type in "My Redeemer Lives" in YouTube and watch the video.

After I watched the video, I felt like crying but my tear just couldn't drop. The video remind my of my late father who passed away last year, April.

My father was the one who inspired my the most to be who I am today. From I was a little kid till the last day I saw him... He cares bout his family, brothers, sisters and friends. From I was a kid who jz about to enter primary school, he already planned for my future. He choose the best school for me. He wants me to be someone in the future. When I in standard 6, he wants me to score at least 5As so that he can transfer me to a better secondary school. I managed to score 5As and 2Bs. He was happy... Even he said I'm not doing my best by getting 2Bs. Then I transfer to secondary school. I got my PMR result with 5As and 2Bs again. He said it again but I knew he was happy. He do not show his happiness in front of me bcoz he want me to do better. But he never able to be on my side when I got SPM result. I did kinda blame him for transferring me to another school, but now I know, what he did was all for my own good.

The scene when I was hospital looking after him is still fresh in my mind. The first day I arrived at one of the hospital at Kuala Lumpur. No hospital name mention. My evil auntie acting like an angel in the room. My father hold my hand and told me to look after my two younger brothers and the family. The day before he passed away, I feed him porridge as he was suffering from stroke. Tht night I went back to KT. The next morning, my mum fly to KL so sudden without telling me. I woke up around 9am. My friend call me, asking me if my father passed away ady? Bcoz my auntie[not evil one] was in my school crying to find me. Then, I received a call from my mum... she told me my father was no long here. My mind was blank. My mum told me not to cry, as I am the eldest son. I hold my tear, my auntie pick me up when the school teacher told her tht I was not in school. My friend call me again when I was in the car to check up how I am doing. I cant say anything, my mind was not working, wat I reply was just "Em...em...". I reach my cousin house, laying on the sofa, I couldn't hold my tears anymore... I totally break down. I cry till I fell asleep. I woke up around 5pm. Then my aunties and uncles asked me to have some change bcoz we were going to the funeral. We wait there for my father coffin arrived. When the coffin arrived, my mum remind me again not to cry. But I just cant hold my tears. I turn my head around and cried... My heart was really paining. My friends visit me at the funeral and I am really happy to have bunch of friends like them. Not just one or two but whole group of them. Thank you guys and girls...... I love u all...

Today, when I watched tht video.. Its remind me of my father. I miss him a lot. My father is the reason why I am here. He is a great father... great man... I Love You, Father...

I dedicated this 100th post for you...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Kiddo Football / Futsal profile ~>~

Photo Taken October 11th, 2006
Ouchhhhhhhh~~~~~ I hurt my knee yesterday during a futsal game at Taman Megah SS24... So pain... Cant sleep well whole night... Okay okay... I celebrating my 99TH POST today !!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha~ So I gonna write something bout my football/futsal life as part of the celebration... Watever.... Hehehehehe~~~

2004, I was in Form 2. My friends joined the LCDS Football Tournament 2004. And the team was name Shaolin Soccer. =.=!!! But they lose in tht tournament. Since then I join them to play football at Sultan Sulaiman 1 primary school field (Known as SS1 Field). Well... needless to say, I play lousy football.. Low stamina, run slow, react slow, kick soft and...... worst of the worst bad temper.

In year 2005, the team officially change the name to Underground FC. We joined LCDS Football Tournament 2005 and end up with First Runner Up. We were some kinda proud of our self so we decided to challenge a team from other school in town. Saturday morning, all of the team players gather up and discussing how we gonna beat them and celebrate our victory without knowing tht the other team was much way better than us. We started the match with smile on our face and end the match with face as if we eating super sour plum. One of the guy who help us for the second said to us, :'If u all play like this in future, better dun play football anymore!'. And bcoz of the sentence, we trained hard. Everyone of us... No longer after tht, we challenge tht team again, and we won the match!!! Everyone improved a lots. As for me, I kinda slow to improve. Even my teammate laugh me or watever, I just dun give up. Coz I will prove to them someday somehow I will improve and be a better player.

After PMR in year 2005, we proceed our studies in Form 4, 2006. Our team had grow better and better. But there are better team outside. This year, we get to know the so-called veteran players, or better known as adults team. We joined the MCA tournament. We lose very bad in the tournament. This was bcoz we din really practise playing according to the formation. So our opponent easily know our weakness and score our goal as there is no goalkeeper. So learn from our mistake and practise more and more. We again beat other teams from others school and also from our school. Our team was consist of 19 players, 15 Chineses, 3 Malays and one Chindian. Well, as for me, I improved a bit. And I change my position as a goalkeeper to replace our first choice goalkeeper, C.W.Jim bcoz he was sitting for his PMR paper tht year. I had my wonderful tima as goalkeeper tht time. Saving shot and shot and more shot from my opponent was my pleasure. Year 2006 was the year where World Cup 2006 was held at Germany. So for the football loverssssssssss, I sure all of them will have fever... very high Football Fever! I rmb there is a kinda empty space between my class and another class. Its actually a walk way to ICT Lab. So we make full use of tht place by converting it into a football "field". Tht year Breeze, had giving away Breeze Ball as reward for buying their washing detergent. As the ball is small and its easy to be carry anywhere. So I brought one to school and we use to play whenever the Malays students went for their prayers at Surau. Tht was the more enjoyable time in school. Always fresh in my mind till now.

2007, SPM year. We facing the final exam of our secondary school this year. But it did not stop us from playing our favourite sport. Underground FC official website(Blog) had been launch in early January 2007. After losing in LCDS Tournament 2005, we won as the Champion for LCDS Football League. As I am the organiser, I changed Tournament to League bcoz the joining teams getting less and less every year. Wondering if the young members dun like football anymore... Sad new... Anyways, Underground FC had a lot of friendly match through out the year as it might be our last year to be able to play with full squad as most of us will be going to further study in different places after SPM.
Here are some of the Rivalries of Underground FC
1. Red Devil's FC
2. Real FC
3. X-Junior FC
4. AC Junior FC
5. Evo FC (Team Form by Ex-Underground player, Pratheeb)
6. 4/5 science1 FC
7. Hung Heng FC

The first 3 teams are the teams tht played to most against Underground FC.

Through the 3 years of football life in secondary school, I learn a lot. I improved a lot and now I still continue to improve myself. 4 years ago, I was a fat, slow runner, soft kicker, cant even score goal from penalty spot and my ball not even go higher than a 3 years old kid's height... I improve myself, from a right back defender, to a goalkeeper and now I am a Striker.. My shot no longer soft, It will go high if I wan it to be high, opponent defenders will pay attention to me when I in my striking position, I Am Someone On Field... I no longer a Nobody...

I am wondering when we gonna have a chance to play football with full squad again? I need only one chance, one beautiful game and one competitive opponent. Let's hope for it...

Underground Football Club
Profile : Chin Chung, Tor
Jersey Number : 1
Position on field : Striker / Forward
Position in club : Manager / Spoke Person

Now I studying hospitality in Taylor's College, Kuala Lumpur. I play futsal here rather than football as football is hardly found here. The first time I play futsal here was during April. I played my first game here and I had 3 goals went into my net behind me. But then I managed to score back a hat-trick for tht night. First game, first goal, first hat-trick. Honestly, I enjoy every single moment on the field. I love football... Football is my life, my soul, my EVERYTHING...

LCDS Football League Champion
Photo Taken April 22nd, 2007

Lastly, Good Luck to all SPM's takers for year 2008. All the Best to You all!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Positive? Negative? Or Both???

Hello~ Jz gonna crap a bit here... So just enjoy the reading and feel free to gv ur comment...

What I am gonna crap here is the way human think. Different people will have different mind and their own point of view. Basically there are two main type of thinking. Positive Thinking and Negative Thinking.

Am I a positive thinker? Yes, I am. I always think positive side of something before I get more into it and differentiate it to be good or bad. Same goes to the people around me. How I judge them? I will put them at neutral place and after I start mixing with them, then only I will determine whether they are good or bad. Even they are bad, I will still mix with them. Coz no matter they r bad or good, there will be still something tht I can learn from them.

In primary school, adults always think tht the students from the last few class will not be a good student. And the students from the 1st to 3rd class will always be the best, good, teacher pet type of students. But do the adults know that, those students from the so called lousy class will much more better than those so called smart students. I from the 3rd class in my primary school, but I only mix with most of the behind class students bcoz they give me some kind of comfortable feeling while mixing with them. Those so called smart students mostly all are kinda arrogant. Yes, they look down at those students who did not do tht well compare to them. Who they think they are? They are just students... good in academic means nothing... Reading books will just contributes some extra knowlegde for urself while to success, being a book worm is not enough.

I personally dislike negative thinker. Why they must torture them-self with all those negative thinking. Why they must think of the negative side of everything before they think of the positive side? When people think of negative side, the first word that they always will said most properly will be 'Cannot' or 'No'. While for the positive thinker, they always start with 'Yes,but...'

Example case: Mr.P is the positive thinker while Mr.N is the negative thinker.
A business plan had been suggested, Mr.P will start with 'yes, but how bout the risk?' while Mr.N will most properly said 'No, the risk is too high. We cannot do it!'

From the case, Mr.P will first think of the positive side as the plan might work out, but he will still concern of the risk and trying to ask for solution if there any. While Mr.N will straight ban the plan by saying the risk is too high and there is no possible to make this plan success.

Yes, I really hate it. I experience a lot of such cases. Back to that day, we are working on a project, and we faced a lots of problem. Everyone started to feel down and the spirit was somehow gone. Den this person said tht :' I know from the first day ady tht this project won't work one...See lar now... I said ady.. I confirm got feeling tht it won't happen..'
I feel like giving a slap to tht person face. This is a group project, and if u think tht it not going to happen, why u din suggest something better? We need encouragement not something tht will kill off our spirit. Till now I still believe it will be a successful project and I will make sure it happen. And I swear, I will shot tht person hard if this project gone well! U know what I said...

Seriously, negative thinking really can kill a person. But everyone seen to be prefer to choose negative thinking. Malaysian... What can we do? We are born in such society. If everyone can think more positive, I believe the world can have more peace.

So what's your opinion about this? Are u a positive thinker? Or negative thinker? :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Planta/Majerin/ Mentega/Rama-Rama Terbang Award

Ya.. I just received an award from Andriea. What is the name of the award?? Planta/Majerin/Mentega/ Terbang Award OR Rama-Rama Award. Sweat??? Hahaha~~ Planta,Majerin and mentega is known as Butter in English. While Terbang is fly in English. And for the Rama-Rama is the ButterFly. Yes... The Butterfly Award. Anyways I just post this just to kill my boreness.

Nominated by Andriea to recieve this award. Thank you for this award... Here is the link to her blog

The Ten Nominees I Choose Are :
1. Yen Wei
2. Mervyn
3. Samuel
4. Evon
5. Choon Khai
6. Jim
7. Fuwei
8. Christina
9. Shalini
10. Kelly Lau

Well, Congrats to all the 10 nominees... So Girl girl and Boy boy, U got the Planta Terbang Award!!!

Here are what u need to do next :
1.Put the logo in your blog
2.Add a link to the person who awarded you
3.Nominate 10 other blogs
4.Add links to those blogs on yours
5.Leave a message for your nominess on their blogs

My Senior's Food Promotion

I went to my senior's Food Promotion project on Saturday night. The theme of tht night was 70's Boggie's Night. People had seen to be moving backward to 70's fashion as most of the event happened to be using 70's as their theme such as the Taylor's Prom Night and my secondary school club annual dinner. Anyways, all my senior was wearing the 70's cloths on tht night. They even got two Elvis Presley on tht night. Its kinda funny looking ar them wearing those 70's cloths and the fake hairs. They were serving 2 appertisers, 2 main courses and 1 dessert. And one complimentary Kickapoo and one complimentary mocktail. Let's move on to the picturessssssssss as I am lazy to type anymore.... [700 words essay is killing...]

Register for our complimentary drinks vouchers and table.

Ivan and his friend, xin chew [Not sure if I spell his name correctly]

The first appertiser, Smoked Salmon with Salad

Groovy Tortilla Soup

Rock and Roll Alfredo Seafood Fettucini

Mamma Mia Braised Lamb Roulaite

I din't manage to take the picture of the dessert.. why? Because they serve chocolate fondue as the dessert and I am a chocoholic. Without wasting my time, I finish the dessert. A tiny cup of chocolate with strawberries, green grapes and mashmallow.

Deng Deng Deng Deng !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guess Who are the two guy in the pictures below!!!!!!!!!

This !!!!!!


This !!!!!

White Shirt = ???
Yellow Shirt = ???

Post ur answer in my comment!!!!!!!! Answer will be release on my next post~~~