Friday, November 7, 2008

Positive? Negative? Or Both???

Hello~ Jz gonna crap a bit here... So just enjoy the reading and feel free to gv ur comment...

What I am gonna crap here is the way human think. Different people will have different mind and their own point of view. Basically there are two main type of thinking. Positive Thinking and Negative Thinking.

Am I a positive thinker? Yes, I am. I always think positive side of something before I get more into it and differentiate it to be good or bad. Same goes to the people around me. How I judge them? I will put them at neutral place and after I start mixing with them, then only I will determine whether they are good or bad. Even they are bad, I will still mix with them. Coz no matter they r bad or good, there will be still something tht I can learn from them.

In primary school, adults always think tht the students from the last few class will not be a good student. And the students from the 1st to 3rd class will always be the best, good, teacher pet type of students. But do the adults know that, those students from the so called lousy class will much more better than those so called smart students. I from the 3rd class in my primary school, but I only mix with most of the behind class students bcoz they give me some kind of comfortable feeling while mixing with them. Those so called smart students mostly all are kinda arrogant. Yes, they look down at those students who did not do tht well compare to them. Who they think they are? They are just students... good in academic means nothing... Reading books will just contributes some extra knowlegde for urself while to success, being a book worm is not enough.

I personally dislike negative thinker. Why they must torture them-self with all those negative thinking. Why they must think of the negative side of everything before they think of the positive side? When people think of negative side, the first word that they always will said most properly will be 'Cannot' or 'No'. While for the positive thinker, they always start with 'Yes,but...'

Example case: Mr.P is the positive thinker while Mr.N is the negative thinker.
A business plan had been suggested, Mr.P will start with 'yes, but how bout the risk?' while Mr.N will most properly said 'No, the risk is too high. We cannot do it!'

From the case, Mr.P will first think of the positive side as the plan might work out, but he will still concern of the risk and trying to ask for solution if there any. While Mr.N will straight ban the plan by saying the risk is too high and there is no possible to make this plan success.

Yes, I really hate it. I experience a lot of such cases. Back to that day, we are working on a project, and we faced a lots of problem. Everyone started to feel down and the spirit was somehow gone. Den this person said tht :' I know from the first day ady tht this project won't work one...See lar now... I said ady.. I confirm got feeling tht it won't happen..'
I feel like giving a slap to tht person face. This is a group project, and if u think tht it not going to happen, why u din suggest something better? We need encouragement not something tht will kill off our spirit. Till now I still believe it will be a successful project and I will make sure it happen. And I swear, I will shot tht person hard if this project gone well! U know what I said...

Seriously, negative thinking really can kill a person. But everyone seen to be prefer to choose negative thinking. Malaysian... What can we do? We are born in such society. If everyone can think more positive, I believe the world can have more peace.

So what's your opinion about this? Are u a positive thinker? Or negative thinker? :)


Steven said...

first, second, third... FORTH paragraph.. ish, i terase a bit nih.. haha.. but those were yesteryear's.

anyway, the world will definitely be a better place if everyone thinks positively all the time. I remember a monk (or i prefer to call him a motivator) once told his audience that 'if everyone is being optimistic, then this so-called spirit/power will grow and things will eventually go smoothly and well'.

um.. maybe it's something like feng shui or stuff. but i believe it's true :)

eh, btw, our abang Pratheeb stopped college d u know.. he's going to MFA next February - jadi pilot. RM225k @_@

C.Kiddo said...

Paragraph four? Tht primary school one ar? Hehehe~ Mentah mentah student class depan.... hehe~ well not all... I means some of them...