Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wine Cellar~

Fu~~ Hving restaurant practical class in the morning. Well quite an easy serving today as we rushed to finish our serving class. This was bcoz the restaurants gonna to be use to serve parents who came for a high tea with lecturers. So a what we planned earlier last week, we going to wine tasting at Bangsar. So 11 of us went by Jay's car and Sam's car. we reach there about 3.50pm. Its a one hour wine tasting section.

Miss Linsay is the instructor who in charge to explain something about wine to us. We given two bottle of wines to taste. One White Wine and Red Wine.

RED Wine :
Name : Wild Rush Red
Vintage : 2004
Origin : South Africa
Grapes use : Blend of Carbenet Sauvigon and Tinta Barocca

WHITE Wine :
Name : Hermanos Lurton Blanco
Vintage : 2006
Origin : Spain
Grapes use : 70% Verdejo and 30% Viura

We had been tought of how to taste wine. How to smell the aroma. How to differenciate young wine and old wine. This is quite interesting. Red wine turn lighter when its getting old while White wine turn darker when its getting old. Wow... Haha... Anyways, feel free to visit the Wine Cellar if u wan to know more bout it.

Wild Rush Red 2004

Hermanos Lurton Blanco 2006

Red Wine

White Wine

Oh ya... Andrew get a bit too high after the wine tasting... Hahahaha... His face was really red and Mervyn's face too but Mervyn was not drunk... Just a little bit red on his face. Anyways, the wine tasting really give some knowledge to all of us. Oh ya... Miss Linsay told us that German Sparkling wine goes well with TomYam... Maybe or perhap anyone of u can try it and tell me how was it taste like... :) Happy reading and have a try...


rufus said...

I would have gotten high from wine tasting. I'm pretty much an alcohol virgin.

C.Kiddo said...

Just a couple of glasses... So I sure u still can remain 'cool'..I think~