Monday, May 2, 2011

City of Bean Sprout Chicken Rice and Great Coffee!

Alrite! I finished my final exam one month ago and wasting no time I gone for my first after-exam celebration trip~ Guess where I went?

The city famous for its Steam Chicken with bean sprout and flavorful coffee!
Well, I don't go there alone by myself... Together in the trip were Samuel, Celestine and Kahwai~
Since it is 3days 2nights trip, Kahwai's cousin bring us all around Ipoh for great food! So this post will be basically about what we eat during the trip!
If you want to know more about where we went, you can go to Sam's blog for the beautiful Built-In cave Temples!


Oh yes! I had been wanting to to re-construct my blog for long time ago and finally I did it!!!!!!! YEAH! This is jz an quick update! I will blog more after I come back from my dinner!

Stay tune for my first trip after final exam! Hint: place that something to do with Coffee and Chicken~