Saturday, December 31, 2011

I fish a fish or fish fish a me?

Hello people~ Hopefully there are people here~ this is gonna be a short post to test the fun of posting using the blogger app for iPhone~

So the other I went fishing with friends at Semenyir. Yes, Semenyir.. Far from the town~ anyways, it is not a pleasent trip I would say.. No big fishes, and those fishes seem to be high or much aggresaive than normal time.. Mating season I suppose~

Well, it bad day for me.. As I using my new rod tht i baught 3 weeks back~ and some new hooks~ luck wasn't at my side as when i try to unhook one of the fish, it jump and one of the hook penetrated into my lady finger.. Picture will tell u the rest of the story..

Monday, December 19, 2011

Jom Ganyang! Kill all the Aedes!

Mosquitoes are annoying and irritating! Agree? Yes, especially when u trying hard to sleep and almost fall asleep, it flew close to your ear and you slap yourself hard. Then you are awake again. That's happen a lot to me last time. End up I waste my whole night killing them and searching them around my room. 

Well, unfortunate for me, got bitten by aedes once at beginning of 2010 and it is really suffering for me. I feel weak and uncomfortable. My head is so heavy and feel like just laying on my bed 24 hrs. Throat was in pain and hard for me to drink water. The worst part is blood was taken almost everyday to measure my white blood palette. It was a 2 weeks hell for me. 

So people, it is important for us to fight against Aedes. It not just keeping yourself from suffering, it also help others. Make sure you area was clean and Aedes free! Watch the video below and understand the important to keeping Aedes away. It save people around you from suffering or worst death. 

Clinical symptoms of dengue during febrile phase:
• acute febrile (2-7 days)
• generalised body ache
• joints ache
• headache
• rashes
• retro-orbital pain
• sore throat, injected pharynx
• nausea, vomiting

While the warning signs:
• Abdominal pain
• persistent vomiting
• mucosal bleed
• lethargic, restlessness

Symptoms might be vary from a person to another due to difference human immune system. If you have any of above symptoms and fever that come and goes for 2-3 days, better have a check out at your nearest clinic/hospital before it too late.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa is coming to town~

Well, been few months since my last post. Just can't find the motivation to blog most of the time. The internet connection hate me when I start blogging. I just don't know why the internet always down whenever I tried to blog. But anyways, it been nice to me today. Please stay stable~

Alright, Christmas is just around the corner and I guess everyone did their Christmas shopping and as well NewYear shopping. For those haven't start shopping, you have 3 weeks to go~

I went on to shop for few things for myself. Let's see what I have here~

A new 7 fts Fishing Rod! Shimano Lurematic~ Beautiful~

A new pair of Sondico Goalkeeper glove with finger safe! Very nice grip and comfort!

Manchester United Cap! Glory Glory ManUnited!

Premium Coconut Wine with wine opener and other tools~

Absolute Vodka Limited Edition with martini glass/Shoot glass and a recipe booklet!

That's all for now~ Clothes and pants not so important~ hahahaha! Enjoy Christmas peeps~