Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random Picassssss

It had been quite sometime I din update my blog... Well... I am really busy this coming weeks... a lot of assignment and assessment on the way... As wat I said... I in a stressful life now. Here I gonna post some random pictures... some are funny, some are memories, some are jz random.

Let's get started with my little brother!

He so Cute right?! Wearing my cap! Wassup Kid~

We Are UnBeatable!!! The Green HULKSSSSSSSS!

The UnderG crew! [Part Of...]

William the tall guy~

Abang SteBurng turnsss~~~

He was so thirsty!!!

My car was too pack tht time XD

Typical Cina Apek!!!

"International" student??? Or "In The National" student??? Malaysia Is Hot, mind u...

Dun Mess With Us!!!!!!!!!!!! Jz as You Don't Mess With Zohan!!!

I cooked this in my home few months ago~~~

We LOVE McDonald!!!

Yo Yo~~ Wassup Dude~~~

I Am Coolz!!!

Photo Removed!!!
By the request of the girl in the photo!
She and her Chick...Not a hot chick but a COLD chick... Muahahahahahaha!!!
Photo Removed!!! By the request of the girl in the photo!
Familiar??? I sure u guys see this in one of the horror movie before!!!

Thats all... All the pictures above are All Right Reserve by ME!!! So dun copy!!! Ngek ngek ngek!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Name Tag

When we go to hotel or some standard restaurant, we will mostly see all the staff have a name tag... So we also wanted to follow lor... To look more "professional" !!! So-called lar... So Mervyn had found the best deal in doing tht name tag.. Rm10 per person for one name tag... The cheapest among all the dealer or others group who already did the name tag.

Here my name tag... Jz normal Chung... And thts cost me ten Bucks...


Hehe, normal but somehow, we [Sam,Jay,Mervyn,Andrew and me] planned to do one more extra name tag with some stupid name!!! Guess before u scroll down to find out wat I choose for my stupid name tag name!!! Hahaha ~~~

ItsSsSsSsSs HORNY!!!!

Horny Chung!!! LOL, Well, I'aint tht horny anyways...haha... Jz for entertaining purpose!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I only had one class to attend... That is my moral class... My kitchen practical class had been postpone to tmr night... So as all of the students included me was paying attention to our lecturer, Mr. Adrian Yao... Suddenly, we heard fire alarm ringssss... Well... the alarm sound not very 'real', So we guess they might jz testing the alarm to check whether its works or not... After a few second, the alarm ring again and this time, there is a man come out from the back door and told us there was fire. Den we start to 'Kan Ciong' and Mr.Adrian ask all of us to dismiss to the safety zone quickly. So we jz ran all the way out to the main road. Because of this incidence, I realize that my college got a lot of students!!! Hahaha...

Oppsss... Celine's cute little face are capture!!!

This wat chinese idiom said 'People Mountain People Sea'

Well, thats not Taylor's students... All of them are workers in Kurnia Insurance Company.

Tht's the Kurnia Company building!

Here come the Lecturersssssssssssssss~~~

Henry!!! U spoil my picture!!!!

Scary View~!~

The top row was smiling
The second row was talking tru the phone
The third row was thinking wat to do
And the last row looking around

The fire start at the basement car park. And we are conducting our moral class at the Auditorium which located at the basement... The fire start because one of the car in the car park exploded due to some unknown reason. Luckily, no one is hurt.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Rest time...

Humm~~~ First week of Mid-Test jz end today... only first week...second and third coming on soon... Two days for me to take a short rest but yet... still nid to do some revision... Tomorrow I will be going out with my friend from K.T who also study at KL... And at night I might be going to my cousin Sister house for moving to new house party. Tiring week for me... Okay... Let foward to something more positive... Whoever study in class will face the same thing as wat I face... Sometime we find the class was boring and we were tired so we will do something tht can make us feel better rite? Some crazy stuff OR some Stupid Face! Let see wat I did in the class and my friends too...

The Gaysssssss Couple!!!! Hahahaha~~~

The Crazy J!!!

The Sleepy Chung~~~

Here the 3 Style Andrew!!!

The Peace Rabbit!!!

Andrew the MadneSSS!!!!

The Aunty Rabbit Andrew~~~

Hahaha... All this are really drive my life crazy but I enjoy it... Hope u all enjoy ur life too... Chaos~~~

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Masak-masak... some of u must be wondering wat is masak-masak mean to be. Masak-masak is a term children always use when they play cooking game. Ya ya, using the small plastic make frying pan, mixing box and bla bla bla with the fake sausages, eggs or even fake tiny little plactic chicken! I use to play with my cousin last time when I was small and I am quite interested in cooking thingy. As time goes by, No more fake small plastic pan or plastic chicken use in the game. We use the real pan and real stuff to cook!!!
Study at place out of ur own hometown is ain't tht easy and ain't tht fun as all of us might think of it... Outside food was full of food seasoning material... Extra Salt, Extra Ajinamoto Extra Taste BUT SMALL portion of food. Its really not as good as wat we ate at home.
Since few of us kinda boring of outside food, we decided to cook at home. Let introduce who were in the Homemade Restaurant. Me, Yen Wei, Celes and Geralyn. We went to buy all the foods and materials at Jusco. Den we gone home and start to prepare our dinner!!! The process was fun and everyone enjoy cooking!!! [P/S: I means 'they' really 'enjoy' it!]
Okay... Picas time!!!

This was the first time we cook... Patrick was in too during this time. Wan noe wat we cook? First we got Clear Vegetables Soup by Celes, Fried TauFu with Carrot by Yen Wei, Fried Eggs by Patrick and last and not least, Ginger Chicken Slides with Extra sauce by Me. Extra sauces for Celes coz she likes sauces a lot.

Next was the second time, Patrick was not here this time. Instead of cooking rice, we fried instant mee for boring plain rice. Its not instant mee from Mee Indo or watever instant mee brand with the season provided. It is jz plain instant mee. After season and fried, this is wat it looks like.

Beside we also fried sausages eggs and Soya Sauces Chicken.