Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random Picassssss

It had been quite sometime I din update my blog... Well... I am really busy this coming weeks... a lot of assignment and assessment on the way... As wat I said... I in a stressful life now. Here I gonna post some random pictures... some are funny, some are memories, some are jz random.

Let's get started with my little brother!

He so Cute right?! Wearing my cap! Wassup Kid~

We Are UnBeatable!!! The Green HULKSSSSSSSS!

The UnderG crew! [Part Of...]

William the tall guy~

Abang SteBurng turnsss~~~

He was so thirsty!!!

My car was too pack tht time XD

Typical Cina Apek!!!

"International" student??? Or "In The National" student??? Malaysia Is Hot, mind u...

Dun Mess With Us!!!!!!!!!!!! Jz as You Don't Mess With Zohan!!!

I cooked this in my home few months ago~~~

We LOVE McDonald!!!

Yo Yo~~ Wassup Dude~~~

I Am Coolz!!!

Photo Removed!!!
By the request of the girl in the photo!
She and her Chick...Not a hot chick but a COLD chick... Muahahahahahaha!!!
Photo Removed!!! By the request of the girl in the photo!
Familiar??? I sure u guys see this in one of the horror movie before!!!

Thats all... All the pictures above are All Right Reserve by ME!!! So dun copy!!! Ngek ngek ngek!!!

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