Sunday, August 3, 2008


Masak-masak... some of u must be wondering wat is masak-masak mean to be. Masak-masak is a term children always use when they play cooking game. Ya ya, using the small plastic make frying pan, mixing box and bla bla bla with the fake sausages, eggs or even fake tiny little plactic chicken! I use to play with my cousin last time when I was small and I am quite interested in cooking thingy. As time goes by, No more fake small plastic pan or plastic chicken use in the game. We use the real pan and real stuff to cook!!!
Study at place out of ur own hometown is ain't tht easy and ain't tht fun as all of us might think of it... Outside food was full of food seasoning material... Extra Salt, Extra Ajinamoto Extra Taste BUT SMALL portion of food. Its really not as good as wat we ate at home.
Since few of us kinda boring of outside food, we decided to cook at home. Let introduce who were in the Homemade Restaurant. Me, Yen Wei, Celes and Geralyn. We went to buy all the foods and materials at Jusco. Den we gone home and start to prepare our dinner!!! The process was fun and everyone enjoy cooking!!! [P/S: I means 'they' really 'enjoy' it!]
Okay... Picas time!!!

This was the first time we cook... Patrick was in too during this time. Wan noe wat we cook? First we got Clear Vegetables Soup by Celes, Fried TauFu with Carrot by Yen Wei, Fried Eggs by Patrick and last and not least, Ginger Chicken Slides with Extra sauce by Me. Extra sauces for Celes coz she likes sauces a lot.

Next was the second time, Patrick was not here this time. Instead of cooking rice, we fried instant mee for boring plain rice. Its not instant mee from Mee Indo or watever instant mee brand with the season provided. It is jz plain instant mee. After season and fried, this is wat it looks like.

Beside we also fried sausages eggs and Soya Sauces Chicken.

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