Monday, July 28, 2008

Kitchen Practical

Well... I attended my kitchen practical last week... And Its was not really a good day to be in the kitchen. Its seem like something wrong and I did a few mistake during the kitchen practical class. Anyways, besides I burnt my potato wedges and my hard boiled eggs does not fully cook, I dun think there was anything else worst than it. Actually I not plan to post about this but I hv to find something to keep my blog alive. Hehehe~~~
Menu of the day was

Starter : Prawn Cocktail
Main Course : Chicken with gravy
Dessert : Pies / Tarts with raspberry topping

Prawn Cocktail common known as prawn salad. Served with slides of orange and hard boiled egg.

Chicken with gravy. Roasted chicken with chicken stock sauce. Served with potato wedges and carrots. [P/S: Sorry, was half way eating only realize to took the photo...hehe]

Apple Pie and Apple Tart beside the pie.

That's all for my practical class in the kitchen. Tmr will be my practical class in restaurant. Hope I wont do any mistake. Coz mark will be given on my tmr presentation. Hehehehe....

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