Friday, July 11, 2008

Creating new blog?

Creating new blog? Humm...Why I need another blog since I already had one? Well, the reason I wanted to create a new blog is I wanted to dumb some useless rubbish in my life inside. As some of u should noe, in this blog...u hardly see I wrote some bad comment on people... Ok, there are bad comment bout things and people in this blog but all of it are in very nice way and I always try to minimize the negative words in my blog. When u see all the positive side of my life, u never see the other side...which I always choose to keep in secret to myself. But without throw some of the negative things out of my life, I am jz like putting more pressure on myself. So I decided to create a sub-blog to throw all the rubbish in tht blog. And I created it As the link already wrote tht Secret which means only me and the person I invite can view the blog. Most properly, I prefer to keep it only for myself as there are all negative part and some secret I had with me. I announce tht ChungKiddo had officially created a second blog!!!

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Rufus said...

Eh privacy, thats goods stuff. Starting something new is always a good thing, I often tend to get lazy and let it rot, like the four websites I started and never updated.
Ahhh..lala....Make it good man, make it good. You are only young once you know! :)