Sunday, December 30, 2007

PLKN ?!?!

PLKN ?!?! Yes it is... Program Latihan Khimat Negara... Which means National Service... This program started few years ago... Teenagers with age 17 will be select for this program but not all only selected students will be joining this program. I am not selected of course or else I wont be posting this post... I am not sure whether I am luck or unlucky. Because there is advantage and also disadvantage of joining this program.

Few of my friends had been selected for this program...So they were wanted to gather at the bus station on 29th of December which means yesterday. Early in the morning we went to HappyLand to have our breakfast. After breakfast we sent our friends to the bus station. I was like O.O when i saw the bus station was crowded with a lots lots lots and lots and lots of peoples. Its just like one of the Chinese idiom say "People Mountain People Sea". So after my friends finish register and went up to their bus, I went home. Hope they could finish the program peacefully without anything bad happen.

Take care my buddies

Friday, December 28, 2007

~~~Christmas ~~~

This year I celebrated my Christmas at Bukit Bintang, KL. Kinda crazy thing happened there... We arrived at KL around 5am in the morning. Since Steven was sitting in the other bus so we had to wait for him to arrive. Okay finally, he arrived at 6am and we quickly made a move as we all already waiting for so long. We went to have our breakfast at one small Dim Sum stall around our hotel area. After finish our breakfast, we went to our hotel (Hotel Fortuna) to check whether we can check-in earlier... but its just 7.30am... we had to wait for the guest to check-out before we can move in. So we just leave our bags at the lobby. Where we go ??? We went to the nearest cyber cafe to play some games. Before we went to that cyber cafe, we saw a restaurant with funny name.


Dun ever think to laugh inside the restaurant or else you gonna get kick out of the restaurant. Humm... the cafe din provide much game even they only have FIFA 06. So we just play Need For Speed Most Wanted. We went back to hotel and check-in for our room around 11am.
After washing and bathing and bla bla bla.....we went to shopping. Nothing much to say bout our shopping... the most important is on the night...why ? because its Christmas Eve. When its around 9pm... people starting to went crazy... spraying kinda white snow which actually just a soap.

The spraying event went to an end at around 12am. And all of us back to hotel with wet shirt. Thats the way how we celebrate our Christmas this year.

Here some more picture on our trip to KL.


Inside the Pavilion. Steven, Ewen, Ivan, Kiddo, Sean, Fuwei, Mok(Standing) and Pratheeb(Standing)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas or Merry X-Mas ?!?!?

HO HO HO ~~~ Merry Christmas To everyone who read my blog... Well...not only those who read my blog... even those who never ever found or read my blog before... I wish u all will have a wonderful Christmas... and hope u all will given a present from Santa Claus with the link of my blog...Hahaha... Just kidding... suppose to be present that u all had waiting for a long time... Shoes, bags, watches, shirts, cars, houses and so and so and so ~~~
Well... As for me... I already got my car as my Christmas present which doesn't disappoint me. And for my mum, she jz came back from Macau, and she bought herself a lot of stuff... woman's stuff... Bags and shoes...wondering how come every women become mad when its come to shopping times... they can spend thousand or even more for just a single thing...

Anyway, my mum shoes is quite nice and beautiful... most important, that brand cant be found in Malaysia...Suppose to be I think ( Thats what my mum said and I never saw that brand in any shooping mall before too) This make that shoes worth to buy.

(Without Flash)

(With Flash)
How much does this pair of shoes cost ??? Better keep it secret... The prize makes me crazy and my eyes was like this 0.0 when my mum told me the prize of this shoes...What brand is it ??? HOGAN a unfamiliar brand in Malaysia but not in others countries.

Finish talking bout my mum shoes... here is the turn for her bag... Well not much I know of her bag. So just look at the picture of her bag.

Reddish bag... nice combination of color...

Thank you to my cousin's sister who bought me a little gift... a key chain that I looking for to put with my car's key. Its come just in time... Hahaha...

Thank you for such a nice key-chain :-)

~~~Merry Christmas EveryOne ~~~

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

!@#@$$%^$ Confusing Day...#@$#%#$

Haiz~~~ Dunno wat to say... Just a bit confuse this two days... Confuse of wat ??? Confuse of my feeling... Confuse of my mind... LALALALALALALALALALA... Nothing to do till death.... Maybe time will wash everything away...far away...far far away... Hope so... This year is gonna end soon... 12 days more to go...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Virus Of The Big Red Button !!!

I found this funny little thingy at Choon Khai's blog and Jim's blog too. So I am thinking why not our gangz who got their own blog put this thingy on. So that it could spread like a virus and thats why I call it as the Big Red Button Virus. Check it out yo...

Spread this Big Red Button Virus to ur own blog !!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Advance Christmas Present ~~~

Ho Ho Ho...Merry Christmas in advance to everybody. I received a present today afternoon. What kind of present will makes me so excited and happy ??? It's my brand new car, Proton Persona.
I drove other Proton's cars before such as Proton Wira and Proton Waja, there is really a BIG different between this new Proton car with the other Protons. Its more stable and solid. Well nothing much to say, just proud of Proton for making such a good job and din make us(Malaysian) disappoint.

Below are the pictures of my car

Front view of my car
| Proton |
From Front mirror
Front Seat
Race type of Speed Meter
Stylish Gear
Nice design of the music player
Behind Seat
Large empty space at behind

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Day Full of VICTORIES !!!!!

Hell ya... Today is the day of Victories. Why do I said so ??? Lets start with today Counter-Strike 1.6 unofficial match with our juniors (Form 4). The match was held at Orange Cyber Cafe.

UnderGround CS Team :
1. Steven
2. Chung Kiddo
3. Caleb
4. Ewen
5. Sean
6. Ivan

Form 4 CS Team :
1. Jim
2. Wayne
3. David L.W.S ( Our senior )
4. Daniel
5. Lim S.W

Maps :

1. Assault

2. De_Dust

We played two different maps with 25 minutes per map. UnderGround CST was terrorist in assault while in De_Dust UnderGround CST was terrorist for 12 rounds and CT for 12 rounds. As in our expectation, we won both maps. This is the first victories of the day.

After the CS match, we move on to Hazlan Futsal Court to play futsal. Since there is 16 of us, so we divide ourself into 3 group with 5 players for two teams and 6 players for another team.
Team A : Sean, Pratheeb, Ah Fart, Ong and Caleb
Team B : Soo Hong, Jim, Chua Wei Lim, Chee Hao and Suyen
Team C : Chung Kiddo, Steven, Ivan, Bin Wei, David L.W.S and Ewen

So Team A was play against the TeamB for the first game. The winner will stay and the loser will leave the court.Team B sent Team A and Team C off with 0-2 and 1-2 respectively.
On the third match... again Team B face Team A. Team A took the lead with a shoot from Sean but the goal doesn't last long when Soo Hong fired a shot to top right corner of the goal. Then the match end when a player from Team B score the victory goal.
Next was Team C against Team B. Finally Team B was sent off after Team C won the match. After that Team C continues their winning strike for 4 matches. While for me, I score two goals for today.

I taking corner kick

Posing outside the court (resting)


Okay, the last victory of the day. We went to Tropix to watch the EPL match Liverpool VS Manchester United. Well, nothing much to say Manchester United won the match with a goal by Carlos Tevez at 42.40 minute. C.Tevez score the goal with his right foot shot the ball to the centre high of goal. Everyone was so excited and shouting for joys when Tevez scored.

Quite a huge screen fit enough for everyone to watch the match...

Everyone was so concentrate watching the match...

There the end of the Victories day...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

YeeeHaahhh, the best week of the year!!!

Recently, I had been going out with few of my friends...not for few days...but for weeks.... And I always back to my house around 12p.m to 2a.m. Some of u might think "So what ! Just 2a.m"... but if u live in Terengganu... U will feel really hard to find a place to hang out after 12a.m. Not afraid to tell u all... Terengganu can describe as a death city after 12a.m. But don't worry, tonight I am going for a party (again), another BBQ party. Not for a birthday party or what what party....just a party for a boring city and also a boring holiday.

Even baby said boring, LOL

Oh yea, tomorrow also another fun day as my school Form 4 friends had invited me and couple of my friends to have a unofficial CS match. (Just to prove whose better..LOL) Not only that, we going to play Futsal right after the CS match.

Besides, My new car are going to arrive in this few days time... So excited as i am impatient person... Hahaha...

Know more in my next post... ;P

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Rainie DaysSsSsSs ~~~~~~~~

Haiz ~~~ It's raining season again..... Days to days, rain and rain and also rain...

Nothing much we can do during raining season...especially outdoor activities and a lots of my friends get sick because of this bad bad bad weather even myself too....

Haiz..... Hope all of u will get well soon.... And Happy Holiday !!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Partay against Party !!!

SPM is over....Its time for having some fun. Right on the first night we ( SMKSS Students) went to our friend, Keshen's house to have partay. Its was "After SPM Partay". Theme of the night was black and white. So everyone came with black and white (almost). The partay start at around 8.30pm.

As I have nothing to do...I went to Keshen's house earlier to help him out with the decoration. At first I was cutting the papers, after I finish my work...I went to help Keshen's uncle to hang some streamer at the living room. We (me and Keshen's uncle) were totally no idea on how we going to hang the streamer from the ceiling. So we just followed what the girls wanted it to be, but suddenly they went up stair to prepare the songs for the partay (left only Heather who working on the banner). Then we start to talk about how woman demanding things and asking us to hang the streamer without telling us what should we do... Anyway, we manage to hang the streamer on the ceiling without anything bad happen. LOL.

Okay, I went back to my house around 7.00pm to prepare myself for the partay. So I arrived at the party around 8.45pm and for my surprise, my fellow friend, Pratheeb was the first one to arrive... ( usually he wont be so right on time ). We were dancing, drinking and talking the whole night until midnight then only the party end. I was expecting myself to drunk on that night but I am not drunk so I decide to go home instead of sleeping at Keshen's house.

The next party was held at my Chung Hwa's friend, Kelly's house. Its a belated birthday party + after SPM party. We had steamboat in her house. Starting its was quite boring but when its come to "photographing" time, it simply means time to have some fun. Hehehehe.....

First it was taking picture with the birthday girl cutting cake. Before taking group picture we wanted one of my friend, Sean to take a personal picture with her. Thats the start of his nightmare. Wakakakakaka....

This was before modified...

This is after modified....So lovely.

Humm... When things happened once...Its always gonna happened again for the second time.

The girl are smiling happily. And they looks so like a couple...Hahaha

When are this gonna end ??? Not until we did it for the third time... his nightmare end...

Next was UnderGround FC Captain, Steven Birthday party. This BBQ party was held at my shop. We went to bought the stuff for the party at Giants. We bought chicken wings, hot dog and French frieds.

Mean while another friend, Ewen went to buy coal and some carbonate drinks with his girlfriend. We finish buying the stuff around 5.30pm. The party start at 7.30pm. So we had to make our move as quickly as we can.
At last we manage to finish our work right in time... Okay its time to start the fire, as the weather was not as good as we wish ( rain and rain), we use up around 45 minutes
to start the fire.

So we start to BBQ the foods we bought the Giants.

Hot Dogs and Wings

We cut the cake at around 11.30pm ( coz we waiting for our friend who working at Mydin).

The cake on top was the bought by Steven himself while the below one bought by his mum.

After singing Birthday song and make a wish... we asked Steven to bite the candle out from the cake using only his tooth. To make it more difficult, the candle was push down into the cake.

Saw the candle ???

As he going to pull the candle out with his tooth, we push his head into the cake.

Happy Birthday Steven !!!

We end the party around 12.30am. Wondering when is the next party gonna held. Hahaha...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Free from school !!!!!!

Congratulation to all SPM'ers....You all are free starting today....
Finally, after weeks of struggling and fighting against SPM...We finally can take a breath and rest... I am now graduate from my secondary school...
One week before SPM start, SMK Sultan Sulaiman Form 5 students had attended their graduation at Taman Budaya. As there is too many students, we had been divided into two session. Morning session and afternoon session. I had been divide to the second session...
Before entering the hall, we line up outside of the hall and prepare ourself.

Dumb fellow....Mr. Tan A.K.A William

After done preparing ourself, we entered the hall and had our seat.

After minutes of talking and speaking, we had been ask to went up the stage one by one to get our certificate. Then after finish taking our certificate, the graduation end up with taking group picture of we holding the certificate.

and thats the end of my school graduation. After the graduation, I took my chance to take a few snap with my friends and teachers.

From left Tan, Me(Kiddo), Ong and Afiq Dinnie.

From left Tan, Ong, Steven, Koh(the tall one), Me(kiddo) and Sean.

From left Meachel, Me(kiddo), ShiHui, Soo and Suyen.

Adeline and Me(Kiddo)

Mrs Wang (my English teacher) and Me(Kiddo)

Me and Puan Sabariah

Here, I want to say Thank You to all my teachers(school and tuition) who teach me through out this 2 years. Not forgetting my friends and family that help me by giving advise and support. Thank You very much...