Sunday, December 30, 2007

PLKN ?!?!

PLKN ?!?! Yes it is... Program Latihan Khimat Negara... Which means National Service... This program started few years ago... Teenagers with age 17 will be select for this program but not all only selected students will be joining this program. I am not selected of course or else I wont be posting this post... I am not sure whether I am luck or unlucky. Because there is advantage and also disadvantage of joining this program.

Few of my friends had been selected for this program...So they were wanted to gather at the bus station on 29th of December which means yesterday. Early in the morning we went to HappyLand to have our breakfast. After breakfast we sent our friends to the bus station. I was like O.O when i saw the bus station was crowded with a lots lots lots and lots and lots of peoples. Its just like one of the Chinese idiom say "People Mountain People Sea". So after my friends finish register and went up to their bus, I went home. Hope they could finish the program peacefully without anything bad happen.

Take care my buddies

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