Monday, December 17, 2007

Advance Christmas Present ~~~

Ho Ho Ho...Merry Christmas in advance to everybody. I received a present today afternoon. What kind of present will makes me so excited and happy ??? It's my brand new car, Proton Persona.
I drove other Proton's cars before such as Proton Wira and Proton Waja, there is really a BIG different between this new Proton car with the other Protons. Its more stable and solid. Well nothing much to say, just proud of Proton for making such a good job and din make us(Malaysian) disappoint.

Below are the pictures of my car

Front view of my car
| Proton |
From Front mirror
Front Seat
Race type of Speed Meter
Stylish Gear
Nice design of the music player
Behind Seat
Large empty space at behind


jim said... car...wat does this means...YES! it means i need to take more rides with u...lolz...anyway sry i type wrongly chin ching...

Anonymous said...

make sure you redline your car after u got it so that the performance will be better and the mileage too.

Choon Khai said...

izzit you hi to me when came across my house?.. I saw same purple car ... o.0

C.Kiddo said...

Erm.... No idea lar choon khai...cant remember if i ever pass ur house...

Reply to Anonymous : Thankz for giving me such a useful information