Saturday, December 8, 2007

Partay against Party !!!

SPM is over....Its time for having some fun. Right on the first night we ( SMKSS Students) went to our friend, Keshen's house to have partay. Its was "After SPM Partay". Theme of the night was black and white. So everyone came with black and white (almost). The partay start at around 8.30pm.

As I have nothing to do...I went to Keshen's house earlier to help him out with the decoration. At first I was cutting the papers, after I finish my work...I went to help Keshen's uncle to hang some streamer at the living room. We (me and Keshen's uncle) were totally no idea on how we going to hang the streamer from the ceiling. So we just followed what the girls wanted it to be, but suddenly they went up stair to prepare the songs for the partay (left only Heather who working on the banner). Then we start to talk about how woman demanding things and asking us to hang the streamer without telling us what should we do... Anyway, we manage to hang the streamer on the ceiling without anything bad happen. LOL.

Okay, I went back to my house around 7.00pm to prepare myself for the partay. So I arrived at the party around 8.45pm and for my surprise, my fellow friend, Pratheeb was the first one to arrive... ( usually he wont be so right on time ). We were dancing, drinking and talking the whole night until midnight then only the party end. I was expecting myself to drunk on that night but I am not drunk so I decide to go home instead of sleeping at Keshen's house.

The next party was held at my Chung Hwa's friend, Kelly's house. Its a belated birthday party + after SPM party. We had steamboat in her house. Starting its was quite boring but when its come to "photographing" time, it simply means time to have some fun. Hehehehe.....

First it was taking picture with the birthday girl cutting cake. Before taking group picture we wanted one of my friend, Sean to take a personal picture with her. Thats the start of his nightmare. Wakakakakaka....

This was before modified...

This is after modified....So lovely.

Humm... When things happened once...Its always gonna happened again for the second time.

The girl are smiling happily. And they looks so like a couple...Hahaha

When are this gonna end ??? Not until we did it for the third time... his nightmare end...

Next was UnderGround FC Captain, Steven Birthday party. This BBQ party was held at my shop. We went to bought the stuff for the party at Giants. We bought chicken wings, hot dog and French frieds.

Mean while another friend, Ewen went to buy coal and some carbonate drinks with his girlfriend. We finish buying the stuff around 5.30pm. The party start at 7.30pm. So we had to make our move as quickly as we can.
At last we manage to finish our work right in time... Okay its time to start the fire, as the weather was not as good as we wish ( rain and rain), we use up around 45 minutes
to start the fire.

So we start to BBQ the foods we bought the Giants.

Hot Dogs and Wings

We cut the cake at around 11.30pm ( coz we waiting for our friend who working at Mydin).

The cake on top was the bought by Steven himself while the below one bought by his mum.

After singing Birthday song and make a wish... we asked Steven to bite the candle out from the cake using only his tooth. To make it more difficult, the candle was push down into the cake.

Saw the candle ???

As he going to pull the candle out with his tooth, we push his head into the cake.

Happy Birthday Steven !!!

We end the party around 12.30am. Wondering when is the next party gonna held. Hahaha...

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