Saturday, December 15, 2007

YeeeHaahhh, the best week of the year!!!

Recently, I had been going out with few of my friends...not for few days...but for weeks.... And I always back to my house around 12p.m to 2a.m. Some of u might think "So what ! Just 2a.m"... but if u live in Terengganu... U will feel really hard to find a place to hang out after 12a.m. Not afraid to tell u all... Terengganu can describe as a death city after 12a.m. But don't worry, tonight I am going for a party (again), another BBQ party. Not for a birthday party or what what party....just a party for a boring city and also a boring holiday.

Even baby said boring, LOL

Oh yea, tomorrow also another fun day as my school Form 4 friends had invited me and couple of my friends to have a unofficial CS match. (Just to prove whose better..LOL) Not only that, we going to play Futsal right after the CS match.

Besides, My new car are going to arrive in this few days time... So excited as i am impatient person... Hahaha...

Know more in my next post... ;P

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