Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Day Full of VICTORIES !!!!!

Hell ya... Today is the day of Victories. Why do I said so ??? Lets start with today Counter-Strike 1.6 unofficial match with our juniors (Form 4). The match was held at Orange Cyber Cafe.

UnderGround CS Team :
1. Steven
2. Chung Kiddo
3. Caleb
4. Ewen
5. Sean
6. Ivan

Form 4 CS Team :
1. Jim
2. Wayne
3. David L.W.S ( Our senior )
4. Daniel
5. Lim S.W

Maps :

1. Assault

2. De_Dust

We played two different maps with 25 minutes per map. UnderGround CST was terrorist in assault while in De_Dust UnderGround CST was terrorist for 12 rounds and CT for 12 rounds. As in our expectation, we won both maps. This is the first victories of the day.

After the CS match, we move on to Hazlan Futsal Court to play futsal. Since there is 16 of us, so we divide ourself into 3 group with 5 players for two teams and 6 players for another team.
Team A : Sean, Pratheeb, Ah Fart, Ong and Caleb
Team B : Soo Hong, Jim, Chua Wei Lim, Chee Hao and Suyen
Team C : Chung Kiddo, Steven, Ivan, Bin Wei, David L.W.S and Ewen

So Team A was play against the TeamB for the first game. The winner will stay and the loser will leave the court.Team B sent Team A and Team C off with 0-2 and 1-2 respectively.
On the third match... again Team B face Team A. Team A took the lead with a shoot from Sean but the goal doesn't last long when Soo Hong fired a shot to top right corner of the goal. Then the match end when a player from Team B score the victory goal.
Next was Team C against Team B. Finally Team B was sent off after Team C won the match. After that Team C continues their winning strike for 4 matches. While for me, I score two goals for today.

I taking corner kick

Posing outside the court (resting)


Okay, the last victory of the day. We went to Tropix to watch the EPL match Liverpool VS Manchester United. Well, nothing much to say Manchester United won the match with a goal by Carlos Tevez at 42.40 minute. C.Tevez score the goal with his right foot shot the ball to the centre high of goal. Everyone was so excited and shouting for joys when Tevez scored.

Quite a huge screen fit enough for everyone to watch the match...

Everyone was so concentrate watching the match...

There the end of the Victories day...

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