Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas or Merry X-Mas ?!?!?

HO HO HO ~~~ Merry Christmas To everyone who read my blog... Well...not only those who read my blog... even those who never ever found or read my blog before... I wish u all will have a wonderful Christmas... and hope u all will given a present from Santa Claus with the link of my blog...Hahaha... Just kidding... suppose to be present that u all had waiting for a long time... Shoes, bags, watches, shirts, cars, houses and so and so and so ~~~
Well... As for me... I already got my car as my Christmas present which doesn't disappoint me. And for my mum, she jz came back from Macau, and she bought herself a lot of stuff... woman's stuff... Bags and shoes...wondering how come every women become mad when its come to shopping times... they can spend thousand or even more for just a single thing...

Anyway, my mum shoes is quite nice and beautiful... most important, that brand cant be found in Malaysia...Suppose to be I think ( Thats what my mum said and I never saw that brand in any shooping mall before too) This make that shoes worth to buy.

(Without Flash)

(With Flash)
How much does this pair of shoes cost ??? Better keep it secret... The prize makes me crazy and my eyes was like this 0.0 when my mum told me the prize of this shoes...What brand is it ??? HOGAN a unfamiliar brand in Malaysia but not in others countries.

Finish talking bout my mum shoes... here is the turn for her bag... Well not much I know of her bag. So just look at the picture of her bag.

Reddish bag... nice combination of color...

Thank you to my cousin's sister who bought me a little gift... a key chain that I looking for to put with my car's key. Its come just in time... Hahaha...

Thank you for such a nice key-chain :-)

~~~Merry Christmas EveryOne ~~~


Choon Khai said...

walao.. who give you that car?.. so rich =O

nice jugok your mum's shoe.. i bet it's RM2000

C.Kiddo said...

MY god gv me tht car... =.=
Nice try choon khai... but the prize is much higher...