Monday, September 22, 2008

Back in K.T !!!

After 3 months of waiting... At last I am back to my beloved hometown... Even everyone claim tht Trg is a boring place... Yes... "Is" means till now it still a boring country state... But even its boring without places to hang out at night or watever... I still like it... Coz this is where my memories are... Forever ever the memories will be here... Till death... its still will be my hometown... Its had been 3 months since I went back to continue my study since my last holiday... Now again.. I am BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I reach Trg Airport at 8.30pm. I went home to had my dinner and I off to nibong cafe at 9.30pm. I reach there 10 minutes later and no-one is there yet... I msg steven, and he reply me, he coming soon and waiting for Christina... Den as I wait.. I saw Wei Loon crossing the road... He the first to reach... den follow by Mea Chel and her sis.. after tht Bonnie and her Japanese friend, Naoko reach 15 minutes bafore Steven came with Christina along... Den we chit-chat and talking a lot of crappy stuff... Actually, we got a secret mission on tht night. A suprise birthday party for Christina. As time reach 12am... Danica came after she finish her work... Ting Tong... 12am reach and I in charge of bringing in the cake for her... I brought in the cake and she was like so shock and wondering am I the one tht bake the cake? [Chris, I reach Kt at 8.30pm ok? one hour is not enuf to bake a cake... with icing and berries on top]

Den after present the cake to Christina... we went besides to took the flowers and a dunno wat pinky thingy... Den we give it to Christina and she was like =.=!!!

Photo will be up soon after I ask the photo from Steven...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


During the our last Pastry class... We learn bout puff... Pictures will tell my story...

Before go into the oven... Design of a small kid...

After come out from the oven... Soooooooo Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Before going into my stomach!!! Anyways, its taste nice... Hehehehe....

Our Lecturer, Chef Tan product!!!

Again... End class photo!!!Whole Group 4 with our Hiding Chef Tan!!! He so cute!!!

This was taken during Restaurant Applied Tech class... With our lecturer, Mr.Alex...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back To Back success!!!

I post bout winning Merit Award for Taylor's Theatre Fest 2008 in my last post... Its was the first happiest moment in my college life. The second time come when Me and My Group 4 members successfully sold Tat Sing slippers to our lecturers. One of the subject in my course is 'Thinking Skill'. So for this subject assignment, we had been asked to promote and sales one thing from a black-box. The title of our assignment is "The Black-Box Challenge". And guess what in the black-box. Its a pair of Tat Sing Slipper A.K.A Japanese Slipper. We was shock when first time we saw tht in our first class. But anyways, we jz had to accept the challenge.

Last Friday was the day where we need to do our presentation. We are the second group to present. So first group in and the other 2 group stay outside the class. My group and Group 5 members stay outside the class while waiting for the Group 6 members to present their presentation. When we outside the class, we heard our lecturer, Mr.Adrian scolded the whole Group 6 because their did some mistake of not following the format of the presentation. And we know that the had failed. Since we are the second group to present, all of us get nervous and my heart beat so fast jz like F1 car. Then we go in, and present. Only 2 presenters are allowed and one person control the computer. The rest sit behind the class. After we finish our presentation, all of us stand in front and wait for questions from the lecturers. FYI, Mr.Alex was the second judge beside Mr.Adrian. I forgot the questions but I know I did answer one of the question. And Mr.Adrian said that we had gave a perfect answers for the questions. Mr.Alex "bought" our product and this made us success!!! When we out of the classroom, we hugs and congrats our-self as our hardwork did paid back something. Celes cried bcoz she tot that she did not ddo her best... but Celes, U did a great job.

Let see the pictures of Tat Sing Slipper.

Tat Sing Slippers!!!

Tat Sing!!! Since 1970!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taylor's HIV AIDS Theatre Fest 2008

Taylor's HIV AIDS Theatre Fest 2008
8/9/08 and 9/9/08 were the date of the theatre fest. My group had fall on the second day which was 9/9/08. Its a Moral project by our respective lecturer, Mr.Adrian. As u can see above picture show that my group had won the Merit Award. Merit Award is for the group which they did well in some part of the theatre but somehow there is some weakness in their drama. It might be either their technique problem or acting or voice projection or prop movement. Example like some good in acting but technique problem such as lighting not did well. On the first day, the Champion was clearly shown as they did very well. Its a dance theatre where not dialog with only acting, lighting and music. They all act followed the music and the light. And without talking, they clearly shown wat they try to tell the audion's. Anyways there is another group on the first day which jz slightly lower marks then the first group. All the actors and actresses not really a good speaker but to overcome their problem, they act as typical pasar style. And they did it very well. Well done to both of them.
On the second day, where my group gonna perform. On the same day, we also had our practical class which something bad happen and all of us were in unhappy mood. Anyways, we were the third group to perform. So we jz get ready and wait for our turn. There were 8 group performing on tht day. After my act, I know I had been nominal as the Best Actor but when I saw the last performance by BDH students, I know their main actor gonna get it because he had been acting so well. His facial expression and his way of carrying his character. As in my prediction, he get it and I am happy to lost to somebody which is better than me. Congrats to him. So end of the day, we had been announce to be the first group to get Merit Award and followed by the others 3 more groups. So total 4 Merit Awards had been given out. And for ur information, me, Celes, Andrew, Yen Wei and Jay were those who help out Mr.Adrian for the 6 awards. So I had hold all the awards and imagine I winning them...hehehehehe... included the best actress award. Wakakakakakakaakakaaka....

This our main actor, Andrew. I really happy of his performance. Because before this, his acting was so lousy. And some more he the main actor, so I put a lot of effort to improve him and I can see that he was trying his best to improve. Through out the process, many things had happened and maybe that wat made us feel so worth it when we got the Merit Award. I shouted at him during one of the practice and he cried, so do I. If u are my friends from Trg, u noe wat I means when I said I shouted. My voice will gone high and thats will be very much different from the way I talk. Anyways, wat I can said is, that is the process. Well Done, Andrew. Well done!

Andrew and Jay. Jay act two character in the play. One as Andrew friend and one as my late father where his spirit talks to me.

Me with the Merit Award. I really hope I am the one who hold the Best Actor Award. Not to said Muka Tebal, I am hoping for the best actor award. Anyways, the guy still deserved that award. I acted as Andrew's Father.

Here the synopsis of our play.
Andrew as Tom Kurus
Geralyn as Katie
Geralyn as Nurse
Sam as David
Jay as Tom's Friend Alex
Jay as Grandfather
Jessica as Doctor
Jessica as Grandmother
Chia Chia as mother
Chin Chung [me] as father
Eunice as Tom's best friend, Victoria

Tom confess to Katie at bus stop but he had been rejected. He tried to kill himself but Alex's call had safe him from killing himself. They then went to a mamak store where Alex introduce David to Tom. Tom express his feeling to both of them. As Alex claim that he had not been such problem before, Alex ask David to comfort Tom. Next day, Victoria call Tom and ask about Moral Assessment. Tom then told Victoria that David had comfort him all the night and Tom feel that he becoming a gay. Victoria get shocked and told Tom that gay can get infected by HIV. But Tom ignore Victoria advised and continue his relation with David. After 3 months, Tom feel he becoming weaker and weaker. David then brought him to check out for the doctor. Tom did a blood test and the result came out to be HIV positive. David can't accept the fact and he leave Tom alone. Tom back to his house and told his parent about it. His father got angry and chase him out from the house. His mother can't do anything beside crying of what happen. Tom's Father knee down in front of his late parent's portrait and crying for what had happen. Suddenly Tom's Grandparent spirits talked to Tom's father. Tom's father realize that what he did was wrong. And he out to find for Tom. Tom walking alone along the roadside. He was helpless and directionless. He heard somebody calling him and as he turns back he saw his father running toward him. He feel scare and try to run away. As he crossing the road, a car crash him. Tom's father run as fast as he can to reach Tom and Tom was dying. Tom ask for his father forgive. And after his father forgive him. He die.
The moral of this story tell us that,
Do not discriminate HIV AIDS.
Please get to know more information bout HIV AIDS before you pass it to others.
Family support is important.

The End!!!

I will try to upload the scrip of our play if possible. And also the Champion piece of second day. As for the first day Champion piece, I will try to find it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

31rst August 2008

2 hours ago, Malaysia Independent's day was jz ended. Today, Malaysia is already 51 years old and 2 hours. But I kinda sad of this year Independent's day. Its seem like so dull... Its doesn't seem to be as fun and excited as the past 50 years. Everytime when the time came (31rst August)... we can see a lots of flags all around the town... but this year... Its happened to be kinda not so exciting.

Where is the spirit of Merdeka?

Where is the car with flags??

Where Is the sound of Merdeka???

Come On Malaysian!!! Malaysia Boleh!!! Be Malaysian, Do What A Malaysian Should Do!