Monday, September 22, 2008

Back in K.T !!!

After 3 months of waiting... At last I am back to my beloved hometown... Even everyone claim tht Trg is a boring place... Yes... "Is" means till now it still a boring country state... But even its boring without places to hang out at night or watever... I still like it... Coz this is where my memories are... Forever ever the memories will be here... Till death... its still will be my hometown... Its had been 3 months since I went back to continue my study since my last holiday... Now again.. I am BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I reach Trg Airport at 8.30pm. I went home to had my dinner and I off to nibong cafe at 9.30pm. I reach there 10 minutes later and no-one is there yet... I msg steven, and he reply me, he coming soon and waiting for Christina... Den as I wait.. I saw Wei Loon crossing the road... He the first to reach... den follow by Mea Chel and her sis.. after tht Bonnie and her Japanese friend, Naoko reach 15 minutes bafore Steven came with Christina along... Den we chit-chat and talking a lot of crappy stuff... Actually, we got a secret mission on tht night. A suprise birthday party for Christina. As time reach 12am... Danica came after she finish her work... Ting Tong... 12am reach and I in charge of bringing in the cake for her... I brought in the cake and she was like so shock and wondering am I the one tht bake the cake? [Chris, I reach Kt at 8.30pm ok? one hour is not enuf to bake a cake... with icing and berries on top]

Den after present the cake to Christina... we went besides to took the flowers and a dunno wat pinky thingy... Den we give it to Christina and she was like =.=!!!

Photo will be up soon after I ask the photo from Steven...

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