Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back To Back success!!!

I post bout winning Merit Award for Taylor's Theatre Fest 2008 in my last post... Its was the first happiest moment in my college life. The second time come when Me and My Group 4 members successfully sold Tat Sing slippers to our lecturers. One of the subject in my course is 'Thinking Skill'. So for this subject assignment, we had been asked to promote and sales one thing from a black-box. The title of our assignment is "The Black-Box Challenge". And guess what in the black-box. Its a pair of Tat Sing Slipper A.K.A Japanese Slipper. We was shock when first time we saw tht in our first class. But anyways, we jz had to accept the challenge.

Last Friday was the day where we need to do our presentation. We are the second group to present. So first group in and the other 2 group stay outside the class. My group and Group 5 members stay outside the class while waiting for the Group 6 members to present their presentation. When we outside the class, we heard our lecturer, Mr.Adrian scolded the whole Group 6 because their did some mistake of not following the format of the presentation. And we know that the had failed. Since we are the second group to present, all of us get nervous and my heart beat so fast jz like F1 car. Then we go in, and present. Only 2 presenters are allowed and one person control the computer. The rest sit behind the class. After we finish our presentation, all of us stand in front and wait for questions from the lecturers. FYI, Mr.Alex was the second judge beside Mr.Adrian. I forgot the questions but I know I did answer one of the question. And Mr.Adrian said that we had gave a perfect answers for the questions. Mr.Alex "bought" our product and this made us success!!! When we out of the classroom, we hugs and congrats our-self as our hardwork did paid back something. Celes cried bcoz she tot that she did not ddo her best... but Celes, U did a great job.

Let see the pictures of Tat Sing Slipper.

Tat Sing Slippers!!!

Tat Sing!!! Since 1970!!!

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Steven said...

It always feels great to have succeed something after working hard for it, especially with a team or a group of people.

Kudos on the successful sales and keep it up!! =D

And btw, commenting on the group photo you guys took during the 'restaurant applied tech' class (hahahaha). looks perfectly gorgeous. I mean you guys look smart. Everyone. hehe

Have a nice day, Chung. ONE WEEK!!!