Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I only had one class to attend... That is my moral class... My kitchen practical class had been postpone to tmr night... So as all of the students included me was paying attention to our lecturer, Mr. Adrian Yao... Suddenly, we heard fire alarm ringssss... Well... the alarm sound not very 'real', So we guess they might jz testing the alarm to check whether its works or not... After a few second, the alarm ring again and this time, there is a man come out from the back door and told us there was fire. Den we start to 'Kan Ciong' and Mr.Adrian ask all of us to dismiss to the safety zone quickly. So we jz ran all the way out to the main road. Because of this incidence, I realize that my college got a lot of students!!! Hahaha...

Oppsss... Celine's cute little face are capture!!!

This wat chinese idiom said 'People Mountain People Sea'

Well, thats not Taylor's students... All of them are workers in Kurnia Insurance Company.

Tht's the Kurnia Company building!

Here come the Lecturersssssssssssssss~~~

Henry!!! U spoil my picture!!!!

Scary View~!~

The top row was smiling
The second row was talking tru the phone
The third row was thinking wat to do
And the last row looking around

The fire start at the basement car park. And we are conducting our moral class at the Auditorium which located at the basement... The fire start because one of the car in the car park exploded due to some unknown reason. Luckily, no one is hurt.

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