Friday, August 8, 2008

Rest time...

Humm~~~ First week of Mid-Test jz end today... only first week...second and third coming on soon... Two days for me to take a short rest but yet... still nid to do some revision... Tomorrow I will be going out with my friend from K.T who also study at KL... And at night I might be going to my cousin Sister house for moving to new house party. Tiring week for me... Okay... Let foward to something more positive... Whoever study in class will face the same thing as wat I face... Sometime we find the class was boring and we were tired so we will do something tht can make us feel better rite? Some crazy stuff OR some Stupid Face! Let see wat I did in the class and my friends too...

The Gaysssssss Couple!!!! Hahahaha~~~

The Crazy J!!!

The Sleepy Chung~~~

Here the 3 Style Andrew!!!

The Peace Rabbit!!!

Andrew the MadneSSS!!!!

The Aunty Rabbit Andrew~~~

Hahaha... All this are really drive my life crazy but I enjoy it... Hope u all enjoy ur life too... Chaos~~~

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