Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My 2 years Diploma

Alrite guys, my final exam left only 2 days to go... Then I will be officially finish my Diploma~ I can't believe I passed my 2 years Diploma just like that... Things changed a lot in this 2 years... Myself and people around me... Let's recall some of the memories~

Term 1

Mervyn!! Do u remember this? hahaha!!!
It so happen that Mervyn was my first pastry partner~ haha! And tht the first creation!! Butter cake tht does not looks like a butter cake... haha!

Then the 1rst May came and we form a college family~ haha! Everyone looks totally different now beside Sam I think~

Then the first time we celebrated Sam's birthday~ He invited us to his house for his birthday~

Went to Hi5 bread Factory with DH30~ Yeah!

Celebrated Celes's birthday before we off for our term break~

Term 2

Won a Merit Award in Moral assignment which is to act in a drama... With college family~

Pastry class with Chef Tan~ I miss this guy a lot~ great chef with wide knowledge~

Went for steamboat with some of the group 6~ Grace is hungry...

College on Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to Redang for a holiday trip with Group5~ Trip where I get to know a lot of new people which I dun even realise they are in the same course as mine~ haha!
I get to know girl with flying hair, girl with funny laugh, girl who are slow of getting the meaning and a lot of funny and fun people~ haha!

Term 3

Organized a Charity Carnival with G4,5,6

Learned about wine tasting~

Celebrated Amy's birthday~

Helped in Taylor's open day~

Term 4

Went fishing for the first time... and caught few fishes~ haha!!

Organize a forum with G4,5,6 and Celebrated Sam's birthday~

Organized a welcoming dinner for DH33~

Celebrated my birthday~

Celebrated Ms.Jasmine birthday~

Celebrated Yen Wei's Birthday which she cried in the kitchen~ poor girl but she is happy!!!


Went Elcerdo for dinner with crazy bunch of people! haha!

Created my first Cocktail!!!

Went to Melacca with the batangs~

Organised a food promo with G4,5,6~

Baught a gay tie with Sam!!! Muahahaha!!!

Celebrated Celine's birthday!!!

Finally... Term 6

Crash my car~

Went Melacca again~

Celebrated Esther's birthday~

Celebrated CNY in Kahwai's house~

Went for Char Kuew Tiao at TTDI with group4~

Caught the most fishes with my own bait~ haha!!!

Went to Sherpedo~ Had the finest Kilkenny fresh from the tap!!!

There are a lot more which I can't post it up as tht will take me days to finish it~ haha!

Well Term6 still not end yet~ but few more days to go~ We will having lots of fun still~ I will always remember those time during Diploma~ haha! I love DH30 Group 4,5,6!!!!!!!!!!! We always the best group togetheR!!!!!!

Here I wish everyone in DH30 Group 4,5,6 All the best in whatever you all do in future... We will come across again somehow in the future(Those who not continue-ing they degree)... And those who continue-ing their degree... *Need to see the same faces again... jz joking* Let's fight for what we wish for~

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