Monday, April 5, 2010

My Favourite Sport

Remember the previous post I posted up title 'I wanna be a Projet Alpha TV Star'? This time is about my favourite sport~ What is my favourite sport? Football!!!!!!!!!!! Football has been my all time favourite sport even I not playing football for about 1 year plus cause people are more into futsal here.

Back to those days in my secondary school time, I always play with my friends and we even have a team call Underground FC... Not to be proud or what but we are quite a strong team among the rest of secondary team.

Let's show you guys some of my photo~

This photo was taken after a friendly match with a team from other school. We won the game 4-2.

While this is one of my favourite photo, we took this before we play in the final and we won as a champion for our club league~ haha! (I not playing for my team tht time but I was in another team which I formed up myself and we were knock-out in the semi-final)

This photo was taken when we join the MCA football tournament... Saw me??? If you do, you might be asking why I'm not in my team jersey? Did I told you that I am the manager of my team as well? Hahaha~ We lost in the tournament as that was our first time join a tournament and we have not enough experience compare with those uncles...

Beside playing in all those tournament and friendlies, we enjoy playing football just for the sake of kicking the ball and enjoy the fun of it... Sometime when its rain, we got more excited as playing in rain are something really fun!!! You must try if you guy got a chance to do so~ Don't worry of getting sick, you won't!!! With rain splashing on your face and field full with water pitch and the ball were floating on the water rather than on the ground... and we were kicking the water to opponent more than kicking the ball!!! Hahahaha!!! I can't stop myself from thinking of those momment!!!

Those time playing football with all my friends was really fun... After all the sweating momment, we smell horrible!!! Hahahaha!!! Of course now we no longer fear of being smelly after sweaty sport game as we have this :

A cure for bad smell~ haha!

So guys what you waiting for!!!!!!!! Let's get sweaty!!!!!!!!!

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