Friday, November 12, 2010

Busy Term

*deep breath* Fuuuuuu~~~~~~~~~ There is only one and only one word can describe me right now; Exhausted. A lots of assignment and project catching up and so on... rushing from time to time to finish the assignmentssss and projectsss... Anyways, lucky I am able to finish it on time.

Feel quite happy to know that my TIS title is accepted.. Can't wait to start working on it~ All this sommelier thingy make me feel so excited! Wines wines wines! Not to forget Spirits spirits spirits!

The subject Food Science makes me afraid to eat a lot of foods... why? Let's just said that, human are only afraid when they know how horrible something is and they won't feel the 'scari-ness' if they don't know anything about the thing they have.
Example; a lot of foods in Malaysia contain Trans-fat. Excessive of trans-fat is bad for health and the most common trans-fat that everyone have in their homes are planta/margarine.
Another Example; How low-fat is a low-fat milk? and How sugar-free is a sugar-free drink? It is scary to know that low-fat is actually not that low-fat and a sugar-free drink is not actually sugar-free...
Forgot about the food science.. It is interesting yet sick...

Another thing that have my concern is my entrepreneurship with my group mates. First day was quite successful by looking at the total sales we have for that day. The most important thing is to control the cost and I can said that we did a good job in controlling the food cost. Hopefully the next 3 days of selling will be as good as the first day.

I should stop writing now... time for me to proceed with my assignment... oh my~ tired like hell.. Lucky today Master Budget Assessment was quite easy~

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