Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Valentine~

Four month after my last post... the longest time I ever dump my blog! Anyways, let's talk about Valentine!

Well, I am still single and I have absolutely no plan for my Valentine this year~ For me, it is just a normal day as I am single~ :)

So what are we gonna talk about?

Let's start with the gifts~ The most common gifts are Roses, Chocolates and Soft Toys(Teddy Bear). Nothing much to say on the gifts as it is always the same only different in term of sizes and price~ Upper class people might have something more luxury such as cars or branded bags~ So anyhow, it is all just gifts.

Then they will have dinner, normally an expansive dinner compare to normal one. Fine-dining is common choice as it will be more private and exclusive~ After dinner, most likely they will like to go for some after drink. Pubs will be the best place~

So besides those above, what else? I know most of us will had sex in our mind but Valentine is not about sexual. Now let's talk about our perception on Valentine.

My perception of Valentine is, it is a day where we put extra love and care to the other half in order for them to feel more special and fresh.

I heard a lot asking why must we love and care extra for only this day? They are saying they will love and care about their partner extra daily! I agreed! Yes! But don't you feel boring if I giving you the same foods everyday? Same goes to love, we love them everyday but only that particular day we love them extra to tell them, they are special. To keep a relationship fresh...

Relationship is like PLC in marketing... Product Life Cycle... 4 stages, introduction, growth mature and decline.
Introduction will be the stage where we flirting and chasing each other before we start a relationship.
Growth is where we start a relationship.
Mature is when we get to understand each other better and deeper.
Decline will happen when we feel boring and there is nothing more in a relationship.
So normally in marketing when a product is declining they will think a way to re-introduce it into the market in order to keep competing with other product.

Same in a relationship, Valentine is always the best time to re-fresh a relationship~ So celebrate it with whoever you love, make them feel they are special for you!

Valentine is not EQUAL to Sex! Sex happen everyday, anytime and anyplace. So don't blame Valentine for baby dumping and abortion! Baby dumping and Abortion happen because of the lack of education in Sexual activity. If one practise safe sex, all that will not happen! I am not talking about religion or politic or whatever but I just can't accept people blaming Valentine for things that happen everyday while Valentine is only 1 day in 365 days.

So whatever I said is my own perception. It is nothing to do with anyone death or alive. Agree or not, it is up to your own perception.

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