Monday, March 22, 2010

Week of disasterssssssss

Last week was the worst week in my entire college life time... First I crashed my lovely car and second I got dengue fever~

I crashed my car on last Saturday night after a lovely dinner with 80% of Group5, 3 from Group 6 and 2 from Group4 at our junior's food promotion. It's a great night with fantastic foods, of cause not to forget the last activity, Poker! Which me and Foohaw was the last two to play after eliminating 3 other players. He won as we played showed hand on the last round. After the event we off to yamcha section, and on my way there I skided my car and bang the divider. How was my damage? See the picture below and u will know~

Quite heavy damage~

I felt sick the next day, high fever... I tot it was jz a normal fever but the day after tht told me it not jz a fever... I might in a bigger trouble~ Red dots started to grow all over my arms, chest and almost all part of my body. I went for a blood test it showed tht I am suspected for Dengue Fever... Thts crazy... I choose not to stay in hospital since my white platelet count drop till 128 which is 22 lower than normal count. But still no need to admit in hospital... only if my white platelet count drop below 100. My white platelet keep dropping the next day, and thts make me worried cause it my cause biggggggggg trouble if keep dropping, such as internal bleeding and those bloody things... anyways, good new is tht the white platelet count increase the next following days which means I am finally recovered! Thts end my worst week...

Another nightmare gonna started as my finals coming soon... Studying studying... Shall see u guy in next post~ bye~

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