Monday, March 1, 2010


I guess I need to apologize for not updating my blog after so long~ Sorry to all my readers... I been little busy lately~

Okay... Did I told u guy my campus have move to new campus call the Lakeside campus? No? Let me tell u guy about my BEAUTIFUL campus~

Inside my campus~ There is a beautiful lake that why it's call the lakeside campus~ Its have 5 beautiful block which will be Block A,B,C,D,E where A and B are the Admin block and B will be the MPH... Block C,D,E will be out classroom and for hospitality course, We will having our class basically all in Block C~

And guess what~ They have a parking space for student!!! Parking space that I guess is around half of a football field? Maybe a little bit bigger~ And they got like few thousand of student study in the college!!! At least half of them are driving I believe which included me... So is the parking enough??? Let's see what happen when there are more car than the available parking space~

Students came all the way from their home to college and they have traffic Jam on their way here and now, when they in college... they still need to face traffic jam~ so so pity the students~

Do you guys notice something on the up left of the picture? Let me focus on it~

What is tht??? Every morning when we parked our car and come out from the car, what we have is the wonderful smell of the mother nature~ came from the place u saw in the picture~

And oh ya~ Everytime when its rain... We will have a lot of little ponds inside the college~ And we even have float~ where it is? It is near the stair case of LG floor, block C~ This happen when u wants thing to be done fast when there is no quality~

I feel lucky to be in the college~ Wonderful college~ U guy know which college right? The name no need to be mention here~ The word Lakeside tell it's all~

I shall see u guy in my next post~ Till then~

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