Thursday, July 23, 2009

Off Day~

As u all know, I having my second training now. Today is my offday and my fishing kaki, Joshua is in town(he is now training in one of the hotel in PD, jz back for 3days). So what else? I went to fish with him and Nicholas too~ 

Not too bad for today, I got two fishes, one Roohoo and one Keli~ Hehehe~ Keli, a new species I caught today~ This is the first time I caught Keli. Quite small size but nvrmind... something is better than nothing~ hehe~ 

Roohoo~ sold for RM2~ haha~
Keli~ Released back to lake~ =.=!!! Still small lar wei~ let it live for longer time~

Very active fish!!! Hehe~

Planning to buy myself a fishing rod next month~ Hehe~ We shall see next month~ haha~

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