Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Remember my previous post on the language should be use in teaching science and math?

I feel that the government should ask the opinion of the students who had experience it. No point they go and ask the current students whether they prefer to be taught in English or Bahasa.

Why no point? Because they havent experience the benefit of learning those subject in English. Try ask those students who started to use English in science and math in year 2003. Yes, my year. I from the first batch of students who started to use English in learning science and math. We too felt very unfortunate that time and asking why they swift the language for tht two subjects. But now, we know the benefit. In higher education, all this science and math subjects are taught in English and I believe most of us can understand it without much problem since we already have the basic.

So please ask those who have experience the benefit and make sure the other students too will gain the same benefit as us~ All 90s students please sound out ur opinion on this matter so that the benefit for learning Science and Math in English can be maintain for our younger brothers and sisters~

P/S : Check my result just now... well, still at the same average point... could be better~


Steven said...

average point.. lol.. means pass la.. hahaha.. bagus2..

C.Kiddo said...

More than pass lar~ hahaha!!!